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  • Healthy Eating for Your Eyes

    Healthy Eating for Your Eyes

    Keeping our eyes healthy is one of the most important ways to prevent age-related eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), sight loss, dry eyes, cataracts, and problems with night vision. While an active lifestyle is key, adding specific foods to your diet will help keep your eyesight strong.

  • Creamy Tomato Soup

    Creamy Tomato Soup

    Check out the FYidoctors vision care blog for our Creamy Tomato Soup recipe. A delicious way to consume antioxidants that protect your eyes from light-induced damage, this tasty recipe will leave you wanting more.

  • Recipe: Salmon All-in-One

    Recipe: Salmon All-in-One

    The healthy omega-3s and protein found in fish may help protect adult eyes from macular degeneration. So, feel good knowing your eyes are being treated right and dive into this savoury and easy to make Salmon All-in-One dish.

  • In Just a Glance: Eye Movement Tells All

    In Just a Glance: Eye Movement Tells All

    Eye movement can provide us with enormous amounts of information. So, it’s no surprise that a recent study used eye tracking technology to determine that eye gaze can differentiate between desire and love.

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