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At FYidoctors we know the difference quality eye care can make—particularly when it comes to sports. That's why we've partnered with Fortius Sport & Health. 

Located in Burnaby, B.C., Fortius is one of Canada's premiere sports development centres, offering a wide range of performance vision care services designed specifically for today's athletes. 

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Performance Vision Screenings 

FYidoctors - FORTIUS Performance Vision offers the Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance Station, a state-of-the-art sensory device designed to evaluate 10 key visual skills that are not commonly tested, but that are essential to the visual performance of athletes. Your results are then compared to an athlete performance database; looking at position, sport and competition level in order to produce a customized SPARQ Sensory Performance Profile. You can even customize your screening to make it more specific to your sport and age.

Sport-Specific Vision Exams 

FYidoctors - FORTIUS Performance Vision’s sport-specific vision exams are designed specifically for athletes and look at the unique criteria associated with your individual sport. Using the results of your SPARQ Sensory Performance Station test, the exam looks at your case history, eye focus, eye teaming abilities and visual skills specific to your sport, and your overall ocular health.

The exam also utilizes optomap® Retinal Imagery to provide you with an ultra-wide, digital view of your retina that can indicate the general health of you and your eyes. Based on the results of your sport-specific vision exam, FYidoctors - FORTIUS Performance Vision can also create a plan to address your visual concerns, the demands of your sport and identify ways to maximize your visual performance.

Comprehensive Vision Evaluations

Designed to maximize both visual efficiency and comfort, FYidoctors - FORTIUS Performance Vision also offers comprehensive vision evaluations that look at your case history, eye focus, eye teaming abilities, potential factors impacting your visual efficiency, and your overall ocular health. A comprehensive vision evaluation also includes optomap® Retinal Imagery and a diagnostic assessment and treatment plan.

Performance Vision Training

Think of it as "physiotherapy for your eyes”. This unique training program from FYidoctors - FORTIUS Performance Vision uses a process known as incremental biofeedback that's designed to improve the functionality of your visual system and enhance the coordination and integration of vision with your body's motor, sensory and cognitive systems. The scope of training services can range from a single consultation (with recommended at-home exercises) to customized and intensive, long-term sport-specific training programs.


Prescription Sports Glasses from FYidoctors

At FYidoctors we also offer a range of prescription sports glasses that can help you in whatever athletic activity you enjoy and that are functional and fashionable enough to work both on and off the playing field.

We also offer 100% Internal Freeform lenses for your new prescription sports glasses, which use 3D digital imaging technology to match your new lenses to the unique characteristics of your eyes, face and frames. The result is a clearer, sharper image than traditional lenses. For athletes - where every second and every advantage counts – prescription sports glasses from FYidoctors can mean the difference between winning and losing.

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