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  • Pumpkin Carving Round Up

    Pumpkin Carving Round Up

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their pumpkin carvings for our contest. It was so hard to pick just one winner, but congratulations to our winner Rick, your carving blew us away! There are so many talented pumpkin carvers, we decided to feature our top submissions. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

  • Halloween Safe Practices

    Halloween Safe Practices

    If you plan to dress up for Halloween, it is important to know how to ensure you have a clear line of sight, stay visible, and protect your eyes from costumes and makeup. This is especially important if you have young trick-or-treaters in the house. Learn about the steps you can take to have an eye-healthy Halloween on our blog. 

  • Seasonal Foods for Your Eyes

    Seasonal Foods for Your Eyes

    The food we traditionally associate with this time of year, such as pumpkin and squash, happens to be jam-packed with eye-healthy nutrients. Find out how to incorporate them into your diet on our blog. 

  • 5 Eye and Vision Myths

    5 Eye and Vision Myths

    From reading in the dark to the long-term effects of wearing glasses, our vision care blog looks at the Top 5 Myths About Your Eyes. (Number 2 could save your life). 

  • Suspense for Snapchat Spectacles

    Suspense for Snapchat Spectacles

    Will Snapchat Spectacles break open the wearable tech market? Learn more on our blog about these new novelty glasses, how to easily capture video, and why they’re one of our favourite wearable tech pieces to come to market to date.

  • World Sight Day Challenge Spotlight: McKenzie Towne

    World Sight Day Challenge Spotlight: McKenzie Towne

    We’re halfway through the 2016 World Sight Day Challenge, and our clinics have been working hard to fundraise. Meet our McKenzie Towne team and find out how they have been fundraising all month and why the World Sight Day Challenge is important to them.

  • Learning to Read Braille

    Learning to Read Braille

    National Braille Week is about promoting the accessibility of Braille, highlighting resources, and providing guidance on how to help those around you who may face a visual impairment. Find resources and information on incorporating Braille in your life on our blog.