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FYidoctors is truly a unique company, not just for our patients, but also for the hundreds of doctors who have become an integral part of our team. Regardless of your age or practice situation, joining FYidoctors offers you the resources, knowledge, technology and suppliers to help your practice grow. 

  • Exclusive frame brands
  • Certified ZEISS manufacturer
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Extensive marketing programs
  • EY Award
  • optomap® and OCT technology
  • ZEISS i.Terminal 2
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A Culture of Collaboration

The FYidoctors business model is one based on collaboration with all of our locations and partners. We want you to continue to lead and grow your practice, while we also offer access to resources you simply wouldn't have on your own, including supply chain management, marketing, training, administration and general practice support. We believe in working together so that all of our practices, partners and patients can benefit.

Our Values

At FYidoctors, we like to think of ourselves as having the power of a large chain, but the culture of an independent practice. As the largest doctor-owned and operated eye care provider in Canada, we can accomplish things that simply wouldn't be possible for an independent practice. It's this collaborative partnership between doctors and locations that's allowed us to succeed and continue to grow.

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For more information on how FYidoctors can help you grow your practice, please contact our founder and CEO, Dr. Alan Ulsifer.


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