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  • A Look at Your Eyes After 40

    A Look at Your Eyes After 40

    Just as aging affects your body, it can also affect your eyes. Read our blog to learn more about the changes to your vision over the age of 40. 

  • Celebrities Signature Specs

    Celebrities Signature Specs

    Celebrities have always had unique ways of standing out. One way is with their signature (odd) specs. Check out this infograph on and see if you can guess which celebrity belongs to these signature specs.

  • Condition Overview: Keratoconus

    Condition Overview: Keratoconus

    When the cornea is affected by keratoconus, it begins to change shape from a sphere to a cone. This alters the vision, as light cannot pass through the cornea evenly when it takes on this new shape.

  • FYidoctors meets Alfred Sung!!!!

    FYidoctors meets Alfred Sung!!!!

    Our Operations team plus a selection of opticians and dispensers representing FYidoctor clinics from across Canada came together last week in Toronto, Ontario to view and select new frame lines for our eye care practices. The team was incredibly thrilled and lucky to have the chance to meet with Alfred Sung and view their latest and greatest collections and styles of which we hope to have some of them available soon!