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10 Facts About the FYidoctors Experience

Posted on August 3rd, 2018

Just like you would normally go in for an annual physical examination with your doctor, it’s also important to schedule check-ups with your optometrist every year. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite blogs from over the years—keep reading to learn 10 interesting facts about your eye exam at FYidoctors.

1. We have locations all across Canada.

We have over 280 clinics from West Coast all the way to the Maritimes. If you’re not sure where your nearest optometrist is or whether we have a clinic near your town, you can check on our website.

2. We’ve been around for 10 years.

This year marks our 10th anniversary of providing personalized eye care to Canadians. Founded by a group of optometrists, FYidoctors is focused on putting the patient experience first. To celebrate this major milestone, we are running a series of contests throughout the year. Check out this blog to learn more about how we’ve grown over the last decade.

3. You can book online.

Did you know that you can select your location and book your appointment all on our website? In fact, you can even search by optometrist if there is a specific doctor you’d like to see. Find your nearest location here.

4. We have an online store.

Whether you want to check out our designer styles before your next appointment, or you’ve just had an appointment and you’re now ready to buy some new frames, you can browse our selection of glasses on our online shop. We have all kinds of brands, including Nike, Coach, and John Varvatos. If you’re excited to add your next pair of frames to your collection, you can start shopping now.

5. Our lens technology gives you the best possible vision.

In our own lab in Delta, B.C., we manufacture Internal Freeform Lenses that provide you with sharper, more focused eyesight. Whether you need single vision, progressive, or specialized lenses, we will work with you to ensure your vision is as clear as possible. Read this blog for more information on our lens technology.

6. Visual acuity testing helps to ensure that you are seeing your best.

One of the main components of your eye exam at FYidoctors is what people most commonly associate with the optometrist: testing your eyesight. We use the Snellen Chart to measure how clearly you are able to see, and whether or not you may need some assistance by way of glasses or contact lenses. You can learn more about visual acuity testing on this blog.

7. Eye exams test more than your visual acuity.

While it is indeed important to make sure your eyesight is thriving, eye exams are about more than your ability to see. When you come in for your appointment, your optometrist will conduct a thorough eye health assessment to check for any signs of eye disease or other conditions that are often symptomless. Check out our blogs on the importance of eye exams and National Eye Exam Month to learn more about the comprehensive eye exams at FYidoctors.

8. We have leading edge technology for vision and ocular health assessment.

When you come in for your eye exam, we will use a variety of technology to get a comprehensive look at your overall ocular health. The optomap® retinal scanner and the SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT are two devices that we use routinely so we can get a full image of the inner workings of your eyes. Check out this blog to learn more about how the optomap® can support your healthy vision.

9. We also have leading edge technology for frame fittings.

If you’re getting new glasses, we have technology to help make sure they fit you perfectly. The iTerminal® 2 helps us fit your frames 84% more accurately and 60% faster than a manual measuring device. Read this blog to learn more about how the iTerminal® 2 customizes your fit.

10. Your exam might be covered by provincial healthcare.

Many provinces in Canada have a certain amount of coverage for ocular care, usually depending on your age and the care you require. For instance, many provinces offer free annual eye exams for children under the age of 18 or 19 and seniors aged 65 and over. Learn more about public optical coverage in your province in this blog.


Ready to book your next eye exam? Find your nearest location here to book online.