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Clinic Spotlight: St Ann’s

Posted on March 22nd, 2018

Due to lack of mobility for some residents in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, getting to the eye doctor for regular examinations is difficult. For a few lucky residents, FYidoctors make a special trip to seniors’ housing to conduct vision tests and assess overall eye health.


“Several years ago, I was approached by a family member of one of our residents—they were looking for a way to get their mom to an eye appointment due to her lack of mobility and need of a wheelchair taxi for transportation,” said Carla Eager, Director of Recreation and Therapies at St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village. “It was in that moment that I knew we needed to find a way to make life easier for our residents and their families. As far as my co-workers and I knew, there were no optometrists that could make house calls.”


Upon hearing the dilemma back in 2016, FYidoctors optometrists Dr. Rachael Berger and Dr. Kendahl Scharback decided to offer St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village a mobile clinic service.


“It stemmed from the need for easier access to eye care for these people,” said Dr. Berger. “We see a diverse range of patients through these visits.”


Dr. Berger brings with her one or two opticians who offer adjustments and cleanings. The optometrists check the health of patients’ eyes and ensure prescriptions are up to date. After the eye exam, the staff return to the clinic to process orders. Once complete, glasses are delivered to the patients.


Now, on a regular as-needed basis, the eye doctors visit approximately five care home locations that are home to patients who have mobility issues. Patients include a diverse range of ages between 17 and 85.


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Dr. Berger and Ted.


“You are always so appreciated there by staff, patients, and go home exhausted, knowing that you fulfilled a need within the community,” said Dr. Berger.


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