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Employee Spotlight: Dr. Ron Gaucher

Posted on February 27th, 2017

What’s your current role at FYidoctors?

I am an optometrist at both FYidoctors Regina Grasslands and FYidoctors Moosomin locations. I have also had the privilege of serving on the Advisory Committee of FYidoctors since the early days of its founding.

What made you want to work in eye care?

I recall as a teenager pondering my future and knowing that I wanted to be a doctor that would help people without hurting them or getting my hands dirty. Optometry fit this to a T. I realize now that at that time, I did not have an appreciation for how important good vision is to a high quality of life or that I would have such a rewarding career helping others see their best and take in all this great world has to offer.

What do you love most about your job?

Enhancing people’s lives by helping them see is number one. But a close second is working with a great team of doctors and staff who are committed day in and day out to be the best they can be at what they do to contribute to an exceptional patient care experience.

What’s one of the most challenging parts of your job?

Despite all of the technology and highly qualified professionals that provide eye care today, there remain some conditions that cause vision reduction or loss in patients. I find it most challenging when despite my best efforts and those of others, people suffer a visual challenge that impacts their quality of life.

What’s your personal eyewear style?

I gravitate towards colourful plastic “Buddy-Holly-like” frames and large aviator-style sunglasses.

What’s one of your favourite moments from working at the clinic?

I recall detecting a brain tumour in a patient who was in the office for a routine eye examination who underwent successful surgery within a few days of seeing me. A year or so later, I was having dinner at a local restaurant with my wife when the patient, who was dining with his wife and young family, came up to our table, excused himself for bothering us then proceeded to tell the story about how I saved his life. It was a great moment for all of us and one of the most gratifying of my entire career.

Where do you see the future of eye care going?

With all of the research and technology that continues at an unprecedented rate, I think the sky is the limit in terms of where the future of eye care will go. My hope, though, is that patient care will remain the centrepiece and that the importance of the human element in providing care is not lost to technology alone.

What’s your favourite eye-friendly snack?

Spinach salad with a red vinaigrette and generous chunks of blue cheese.

Where would we find you when you’re not at FYidoctors?

In the summer months, my spare time is spent at my cabin, preferably on the pontoon boat with family and friends. I do have a passion for collecting antiques, especially gas station related items. So, on a rainy day, you will find me polishing up my restored gas pump, sign, and tin collection. In the winter, I love spending time in Puerta Vallarta and enjoying all the things that the beautiful country and people have to offer.

What was your favourite Super Bowl snack?

The lobster topped nachos at the restaurant next to our office are incredible.

What was your favourite movie of the year?

I do not go to many movies but my favourite in recent memory was American Sniper.

Who is your favourite actor?

Morgan Freeman.