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Location Spotlight: FYidoctors Oliver Village

Posted on April 9th, 2015
Each month, FYidoctors highlights one of our over 100 locations across Canada. Come and meet the people and places that make FYidoctors so unique.

Located near the heart of downtown Edmonton, FYidoctors Oliver Village has been serving the people of this busy community for over 10 years, offering comprehensive eye exams, an ophthalmological surgical suite and a wide range of popular frame brands and vision care products. 

Optometrist Dr. Jennifer Ash gives us the inside story on what it’s like working at this busy FYidoctors practice.

Q: What’s the culture like at the FYidoctors Oliver Village location?
Dr. Ash: Oliver Village is nice and close to downtown Edmonton, so we really see an interesting mix of working professionals and their families. We’re also a bit different than other FYidoctors locations in that we have an ophthalmological surgical suite where we offer cataract surgery to our patients. Of course, like all FYidoctors locations, we also have a wide range of frames and vision care products.

Q: What kind of approach do you take with your patients?
Dr. Ash: We really try to create a caring environment for our patients. We want to make sure they feel at ease. Pre-testing is also something we take very seriously and we try to educate our patients about their health and the importance of eye exams. We really try and explain things in a way that patients can understand.

Q: What kinds of technology do you use on a daily basis?
Dr. Ash: The optomap® ultra-wide digital retinal imager is a key component of what we do at the clinic because we’re literally able to show patients the inside of their own eye. That means if there are any health problems, we can detect them and actually show those issues to patients. It really helps our patients understand their own eye health and get a sense of how their eyes actually work. I also really love our Internal Freeform Lenses, it’s another type of technology that we offer that we really try to educate our patients about.

Q: How involved in the community is FYidoctors Oliver Village?
Dr. Ash: We’re really a community-focused practice, not only in terms of downtown Edmonton where we’re located, but the city as a whole. This year, we’re participating in World Sight Day, which is just a fantastic event. I also participate in Homeless Connect in Edmonton, which is an amazing program that offers free health services - including eye exams - to the homeless.

Q: What’s one of your favourite memories from working at FYidoctors Oliver Village?
Dr. Ash: That’s a tough one. I really enjoy helping patients, but the one that stands out in my mind is a surgical patient I had a few years ago. He was an older gentleman who just had surgery and I told him to go home, take it easy and use his eyes as little as possible. When I touched base the next day, he told me he had the hockey game on, but only opened his eyes when they scored a goal. He just couldn’t resist, but the game ended up being something like 13-1, so I’m guessing he was opening his eyes a lot. [laughs] Fortunately, he made a complete recovery without any complications, but I still think of him from time to time.

Q: Where do you see FYidoctors Oliver Village in a few years’ time?
Dr. Ash: There are definitely going to be some changes, which is really exciting. We’re growing and always trying to improve so we can offer our patients the best possible care and service. Being a part of the changes that have happened in FYidoctors is also something that we’re definitely excited about. The future is something we’re really looking forward to.

To learn more about FYidoctors Oliver Village, visit their location page.