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One Year of Sacori: A Conversation with Arlene Dickinson

Posted on October 15th, 2020
A collage of Sacori frames.

The last year has been an exciting one at FYidoctors. We had the opportunity to see Sacori, our exclusive premium eyewear brand come to life. This specially crafted line of eyeglass frames allows you to find the perfect fit for your personality. Whether you’re the Valiant, Pursuer or Operator, there’s a spec for you in the Sacori family.

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of this brand, we’re chatting with Arlene Dickinson, Sacori collaborator, entrepreneur and best-selling author.

  1. What ideas influenced the Sacori eyewear line? How did you envision the brand?

People are not just one thing. We are all multi-faceted. And we all have these unique personas flying around inside us. Some of them are ones we know we need to work on but lots of them are inspiring and empowering. The idea behind Sacori is to give life and design to the archetypes inside ourselves that are leaders, visionaries and trailblazers.

I see the brand as a way for people to not only look and feel great, but to help them tap into the sides of themselves that are brave and confident or intelligent and inquisitive. I guess it’s about focusing on the better angels of our nature—finding frames that match our spirits!

  1. What does Sacori mean to you?

It’s about excellence. Perseverance and dedication. Merging style and substance into frames that unique and unparalleled. It’s about looking inside ourselves for inspiration and also looking to the aspects of others that inspire us. Collaboration is massive part of what makes Sacori unique—we are built to work with other amazing Canadians, designing frames that capture what is unique and bold and irresistible about them.

  1. What inspired the names of each frames? (The Pursuer, The Commander, The Englightener)

I love eyewear—who doesn’t right? And one of things that a great pair of glasses can do is bring out something about you that was hidden. So the inspiration is not just what the frames look like, but how I feel wearing them. The Pursuer channels that composed but passionate pursuit of the things you know you want. The Commander is bold and classy, not someone that begs attention, but effortlessly commands it. The Enlightener is a big picture, out-of-the-box thinker who isn’t afraid to use their intuition. 

It’s not about playing dress up and pretending to step in into someone else’s shoes. It’s about finding The Commander inside of you and channeling it.

  1. What about the manufacturing and design process makes Sacori special?

You can’t compromise on quality. There’s just no two ways about it; no matter how stylish a product is if it isn’t made with excellent materials it wouldn’t be excellent. Every aspect – the lenses, the acetate, the spring hinges—is manufactured with premium materials that surpass industry standards. It’s in the smallest details—we even made sure that the stainless steel we used was 100% hypoallergenic.

  1. How do you see the Sacori line evolving in the future?

Maybe the most exciting aspect of the Sacori line is that it is ever-evolving. We will be collaborating with some of the most inventive, interesting and exciting Canadians and designing new frames with them. We’re drawing on the aspects of their personalities that have made them outstanding and melding them with craftsmanship and expertise to create frames that are expressive, empowering and unique. So as long as we keep producing amazing, talented people in this country (which I’ll bet on a hundred times out of a hundred), we’re going to have an endless source of inspiration for Sacori.

  1. What is your personal favourite frame?

That’s a tricky one, because they all have something special about them, and stepping into the different personas is what makes the line so thrilling. But if I did have to pick one, I would say The Doer. There’s an incredible upfront-ness to that frame—striking and original. And frankly, it’s a get-things-done kind of pair of glasses, and I’m a get-things-done kind of woman!  

Learn more about our exclusive Sacori line and shop the collection today.