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Thank you to Our Clinics Helping Patients During COVID-19

Posted on May 8th, 2020
Thank you to Our Clinics Helping Patients During COVID-19

We want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all the clinics who have been dedicated to serving our patients over the course of these turbulent weeks. They have shown strength and incredible togetherness, which has allowed us to take swift action from coast to coast, when our patients have needed it most.  

We are inspired by the efforts of every optometrist, optician and staff member. 

From helping a patient with signs of a retinal tear get an emergency referral, to providing detailed instructions to a patient with a severe popped vessel, to assisting with removal of foreign particles in the eye of one elderly patient—we are proud of our staff who have gone above and beyond to find ways to support our patients and the community while practicing social distancing and enhanced sanitation practices. 

In one particular instance, our staff was able to fix the broken frames of one patient within 10 minutes, while he waited at a safe distance outside. This patient was a tow truck driver, who needed his glasses to continue serving the community.  

We also saw a child who had scratched his cornea due to a snowball to the eye—who our staff was able to assist, to the relief of a worried mother.  

We have heard urgent care stories like these from all across Canada. Patients experiencing vision loss, eye-related accidents, and prescription and frame issues—were all able to receive care with utmost adherence to person-to-person distancing. It’s patient experiences like these that encourage us in these difficult times. We will continue serving patients who need us and offer exceptional care during this unprecedented time.  

To all the patients who have expressed gratitude, while being considerate of social distancing, it means so much to us.  

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