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We’re Building our Better Sight. Better Grades. Program to Even Greater Heights

Posted on November 4th, 2019
national literacy month

Vision is an integral component of a child’s education. In fact, studies show that 80% of classroom learning is visual.

Unfortunately, many kids are unaware that they are having vision problems, and therefore don’t mention if their sight is out of focus.

To support Canadian children’s education, we launched our nation-wide community outreach program in 2014: Better Sight. Better Grades.

Since then, we have enhanced the program to reach even more Canadian students who may be struggling with their eyesight.

This expanded commitment will include increasing funds to help even more children with eyesight problems across the country, and donating $5 from every purchase of children’s eyewear from FYidoctors and Visique towards this charitable cause.

At the same time, we will be encouraging and supporting each of our member clinics to host local fundraisers in their own communities throughout the year. These fundraisers will support local charities. All of these initiatives will share a similar goal of supporting the lives of children—with a special focus on learning.

Enhancing the lives of those in need—through better sight, or through greater opportunity—has always been a major part of why we began this business

What is Better Sight. Better Grades.?

In February 2014, FYidoctors was proud to establish the Better Sight. Better Grades. program as part of our commitment to the community and to promote healthy eyesight among young learners. This program aligns with our focus to provide eye care and corrective wear to children who may need it. Accessible eye exams for children helps students overcome challenges associated with poor vision and learning. This helps children achieve academic success.

In 2019 alone, the program has provided a total of 280 children in need with new eyewear and donated $137,415 worth of glasses so far.

How Does the Program Work?

At FYidoctors, one of our core values is to have a positive impact on our communities. We’re also committed to helping promote the success of young people and recognize that education and eyesight are connected. Part of this commitment is being strong advocates for research that links seeing easily and clearly with positive learning outcomes.

Through our Better Sight. Better Grades. program, our optometrists and staff work with local schools to identify children (13 years or younger) who may be having vision problems and who could potentially need corrective lenses, but whose families may not have the means to afford them. 

We then conduct detailed pre-testing and comprehensive eye exams using the most modern lens technology and electronic measurement devices to create custom fittings for these young patients. Finally, we are pleased to provide a complimentary pair of eyeglasses from our wide selection of designer and exclusive-label frames for the student—with absolutely no strings attached.

A Renewed Call to Action

We can’t believe we’re already well into the fifth year of this program and are delighted to continue supporting the healthy eyesight and academic success of kids in our communities. We are passionate about diagnosing eyesight problems to find solutions for patients of all ages.

We know that vision problems in children often go undetected, and we believe this is our chance to try and improve that fact—one student at a time. With this year’s updated call-to-action and increased investment, we believe we can make an even greater impact. To learn more about the link between kids’ eyesight and education, click here.

For additional information about the Better Sight. Better Grades. Program—or to book your child’s next eye exam—visit our website.