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Do-It-Yourself Emergency Eyeglass Repair

Posted on April 9th, 2015
eyeglasses repair - image of broken glasses

Uh-oh. It finally happened. You broke your glasses. Whether it was an accident or due to long term wear and tear, damaging your frames or lenses can be a huge pain. If you’re unable to make it to an optometrist right away, here are a few quick and simple do-it-yourself  (DIY) emergency repairs you can make to your glasses.

Please Note: These tips are meant to provide only temporary repairs and could risk damaging your glasses further. We recommend visiting an optometrist to have your glasses properly repaired.


Temporarily Repairing a Broken Bridge

If your glasses snap along the bridge (the part that goes directly over your nose) you may be able to repair them using a little glue, some magazine paper and a bit of patience.

To complete this DIY emergency repair, you will need the following: 
• White Glue (note: do not use super glue as this will make it difficult for a professional to repair your frames later on)
• Scissors
• Thick Paper (glossy magazine paper works best)

Step 1: Clean the two broken parts of the frame and ensure they are free from debris. 
Step 2: Cut the paper into strips that are the same width as the bridge of your frames.
Step 3: Glue the paper to your frames one strip at a time. Wait for each piece to dry before you add the next.
Step 4: Apply several layers of strips to ensure maximum protection and apply a final coat of glue to keep them all in place.

Temporarily Replacing a Missing Arm Screw

You may notice that the “arms” of your frames are connected by tiny screws (these screws also allow you to fold your glasses up for easy storage). Lose one of these screws, however, and your glasses are no longer wearable. Fortunately, all is not lost thanks to this DIY fix.


To complete this emergency DIY repair, you will need the following:
• Tweezers
• A Twist Tie 

Step 1: Using the tweezers, make sure that any pieces of the screw have been completely removed from the hole in the frames.
Step 2: Using the tweezers, gently pull and peel all of the paper around the twist tie so that only the metal wire is exposed.
Step 3: Gently thread the metal twist tie wire through the empty screw hole, creating a loop around the arm.
Step 4: Loop the ends of the twist tie wire together and tighten them using the tweezers.

Two Do-It-Yourself Repairs to Avoid 
One: It may be tempting to get out the super glue to use on broken frames, but it’s best to avoid using it. Super glue will not only leave a gluey residue behind, but it will make your optometrist’s job harder when a repair is being done. 
Two: To keep the integrity of your glasses the same as when you bought them, avoid using a scratch repair kit on your lenses. It may seem like an affordable quick fix, but in reality, it will not be as effective as a professional job and it could jeopardize the quality of your glasses and your vision while using them. 

And there you have it! Two emergency Do-It-Yourself eyeglass repairs you can do in a pinch and two repairs you should avoid altogether. Remember that these are only temporary fixes and that you should always have your eyeglasses repaired by a trained and experienced professional.

To have your glasses repaired, visit a FYidoctors location nearest you.