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Getting the Right Fit for Your Eyewear

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Several measurement points determine the fit of eyewear. Accurate fitting requires precision and experienced opticians can help you get the perfect fit. Properly fitted eyewear will feel natural and comfortable, and you should be able to operate without overtly noticing your glasses.

Signs your eyewear is the wrong fit

Squeezing on the temples - Frame width is to narrow. Too tight of frames can be uncomfortable and often cause headaches when worn for a longer period of time.

Pinching behind the ears - Glasses arm is too short. Everyone’s ears are a different distance from the from of their face. Make sure this is accounted for in your fitting.

Glasses slipping off - Nose bridge too wide.

OR Red marks on nose - Nose bridge too tight.

The distance between the lenses can either be adjusted or accommodated with padding. An experienced optician can make informed suggestions of which frames will suit your measurements best.

Crooked Glasses - The arm angle is incorrectly fit. Many people have different ear height – even if only slightly. If the arm angle is identical on both sides of the frames.

Pushing glasses down nose to focus - Incorrect prescription. Glasses should provide optimal vision when they are worn correctly on your face.

Tilting head - Too small of optic center. Often when refocusing from close up to distant viewing can prompt the user to adjust to find the optic center. This can be annoying, but also a sign of a lower quality or older lens. Consider higher quality lenses like an Internal Freeform lens, which has a much wider field of view.

An experienced optician can ensure all appropriate measurements are taken so your eyewear fits you.