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Inside Look: DUO-FORM Premium Progressive Lenses

Posted on December 1st, 2020

You personalize your clothes, style and belongings—why not personalize your lenses? DUO-FORM premium progressive lenses offer advanced customization for every unique prescription. These lenses offer a stable and expanded view, as well as auto adjustment, which reduces light dispersion.

What are progressive lenses?

If you struggle seeing both near and far objects, progressives could be the solution for you. Progressive lenses are different from standard bifocals or multifocal lenses (glasses with more than one optical power) because they offer more natural vision and a seamless transition between distances. DUO-FORM progressive lenses also reduce peripheral distortion. If you suffer from astigmatism, a condition that affects hor light is focused on your retina or presbyopia, when eyes lose flexibility and the ability to focus on objects up close, DUO-FORM could work for you.

How are DUO-FORM lenses customized?

  1. Dual Surface Design

DUO-FORM is the only progressive lens that customizes both the front and back lenses. This unique design ensures that the most usable light reaches the eye, meaning there is less distortion and a more comfortable transition from near to far distances.

  1. Fusion Technology

Did you know that 73% of people with presbyopia have different prescriptions for each eye? Until DUO-FORM, most progressive lenses did not accommodate for each specific eye needs. Using fusion technology, each lens is customized for every unique eye. Specifically, corridor length (the middle section of the lens) and progressive power distribution (the strength of the lens) is personalized according to your needs.

  1. 3 Lifestyle Options

At FYidoctors, we offer 3 lifestyle options for the unique way you live your life. You can choose from:

  • Every day: A general purpose lens that is evenly balanced for all distances.
  • Outdoors: For outdoor sports or professions, optimized for distance viewing.
  • Precise: Enhanced for detail-oriented professions or hobbies, optimized for near and intermediate viewing.

Interested in what DUO-FORM freeform progressive lenses could do for you? Read more about these cutting-edge lenses or contact your local FYidoctors today.