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Snow Blindness ? Why You Need Sunglasses in Winter

Posted on April 9th, 2015

photo credit Katie Munoz

Did you know eyes can sunburn?

Sun has the potential to burn corneas if exposed for long enough and without protection causing photokeratitis. This can cause light sensitivity, serious eye pain and potential vision loss up to 48 hours. 

Snow Blindness

Many people equate harmful sun damage with the summer months, but winter can be just as dangerous. People may cover their skin from the cold, but they often forget to protect their eyes from the sun. Direct sunlight and even reflected sunlight can produce a significant percentage of UV rays which can cause sunburned eyes. Photokeratitis can even occur when it is overcast if there is enough reflected light. The following surfaces are highly reflective:

  • Water reflects up to 100% of UV rays
  • Snow reflects up to 85%
  • Dry sand and concrete reflect up to 25%

Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage 

It’s important to always wear proper sunglasses to protect your eyes at all times when you're outdoors. People who work or spend a great deal of time outdoors should take care to protect their eyes. Proper sunglasses are often thought to help visibility while driving, but they will also help prevent damage to your vision.

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