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Why Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are a Healthy Choice for Your Eyes

man smiling and wearing daily contact lenses Created: Apr-13-2017

Contact lenses make sight correction simple. Without having to undergo painful laser eye surgery, you can enjoy a life free of glasses. These vision enhancers move with your gaze, allowing for a natural field of view without obstruction or distortion of your environment. Compared with wearing typical eyewear, contacts reduce complications of loss, breakage, and constant cleaning. Freedom from eyewear makes participating in sports and other physical activities effortless and may offer better, more uniform sight than regular eyeglasses.

Daily disposable contact lenses a top choice for maintaining health

Daily disposable lenses are the most hygienic option in the market today. By tossing your contacts out on a regular basis, you can more easily maintain clear, healthy-looking eyes and feel more comfortable.

Many eye care professionals recommend daily disposable lenses because the risk of lens deposit accumulation is not as high a factor. Substances found naturally in your eyes, such as protein, calcium, and lipids, can eventually build up on a longer-wear contact. These deposits make wearing lenses less comfortable than when they were fresh out of the package and can place your eyes at risk of infection. By way of frequent replacement, the cleaning process of lenses and storing of cases is eliminated.

Three tips on choosing the best daily

Switching to daily contact lenses is a lifestyle change, so make sure to consult with your eye doctor about what to consider and expect. The right choice depends on many things, such as your prescription, how your eyes react to a lens underneath the eyelid, and your willingness to commit to a maintenance plan. Here are a few questions to help guide you in making the big decision.

You’ve got options

Although dailies are a healthy option for most, they aren’t always the appropriate choice for everyone. Luckily, you’ve got options! There are two categories of contacts on the market today: soft lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. Within these types, various materials are used and replacement schedules are followed.

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