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A Comprehensive Eye Exam in 5 Steps

Posted on August 14th, 2019

Eye doctors who have your vision health in mind don’t push style over substance, they believe in giving every patient a thorough exam before considering what frames, lenses, or other vision products work best for you. Thanks to current technology and investments in comprehensive diagnostic equipment, you can expect to receive a thorough ocular health assessment at any of the FYidoctors locations across Canada. Read on to find out what you can expect at your next appointment.


The FYidoctors eye care experience is made up of 5 steps: A pre-test, an advanced test, the eye examination, a review of available lens technology, and a custom fitting of vision wear.


1. Pre-test

This detailed process gathers essential information for the eye doctor prior to the official eye exam. This involves completing a detailed patient history and a series of standard pre-tests. These pre-tests are completed and determined per each patient’s unique vision needs and come in various types. Some of the common tests include:

  • Colour testing for forms of colour blindness
  • Stereo acuity (testing for the ability to judge depth of space)
  • Non-contact tonometry (testing fluid pressure in the eye)
  • Auto refraction (to obtain a patient’s prescription)
  • Frequency doubling technology (testing for peripheral vision complications)


2. Advanced pre-test

Depending on each patient’s needs, it is common to undergo more-advanced testing using specialized equipment such as the optomap® retinal imaging scanner, which takes an ultra-wide, 200-degree image of the retina, or the Spectralis HRT that allows eye doctors to see all 10 layers of your retina and optic nerve in a digital 3D image with resolution of 1 micron. These advanced diagnostic tools allow the optometrist to identify health complications and disease much earlier in their progression, thus helping with early diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.


3. Eye exam

Many patients think that a visit to the optometrist is just about checking for changes in prescriptions. Eye exams at FYidoctors are comprised of three components: (1) a thorough assessment of visual acuity and optics, (2) testing for eye coordination and visual perception and (3) most importantly, completing an ocular health assessment. Many patients feel that if they have good vision then their eyes must be healthy, but this is often not the case. Many forms of eye disease have no symptoms until late stages of the disease when it is often too late for treatment options. An ocular health assessment detects potential conditions or disease and may include monitoring, prescribing of a therapeutic agent, or referral to an ophthalmologist.


4. Lens technology

For our many patients requiring vision correction, at the end of each eye exam, our doctors will recommend a selection of lens options specific to the individual’s unique vision needs. At FYidoctors, we use Internal Freeform technology to custom make lenses for each prescription at our own Delta, BC-based facility. Internal Freeform lenses are created using 3D imaging technology to precisely fuse the prescription to the backside of the lens, providing a wider field of view, less distortion, improved clarity, and a better overall vision experience. FYidoctors has one of the largest selections of 100% Internal Freeform lenses in North America and we are proud to be a distributor of premium Zeiss lenses in Canada.


5. Custom fit

Lastly, after the patient has selected the lens choice best suited for their vision needs, as well as a frame aligned with their unique sense of style, our experienced staff will complete a personalized fitting using our electronic fitting device called the i.Terminal® 2. This device takes over 20 personalized measurements to ensure your glasses are fine-tuned specifically for your unique face shape – including the distance from where the glasses rest on your nose to your face, the natural curvature of your head, and the angle at which the frames rest on your nose. Each set of eyes is unique and at FYidoctors, each set of lenses are personalized for your vision needs, including the natural movements of your eyes.


For more information or to book your complete eye exam, reach out to an FYidoctors near you.