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Autumn Sun: Ways You Can Protect Your Eyes from UV rays

Posted on October 20th, 2020

When it comes to autumn fashion, sun protection is an important factor. Although the leaves are changing colour, the weather is getting chillier, and our daylight hours are becoming shorter, the sun can still affect your eye health because of where it sits in the sky.

How to protect your eyes from Autumn Sun

As one of the leading causes of cataracts and blindness, UV rays from the sun are at their most intense during the fall. This may seem strange—given the dip in temperature—but this unique seasonal risk is caused by a combination of astronomy and human physiology. Unlike in the spring and summer, the sun is not directly above our heads during autumn; it is at a much lower angle. Typically, our brows can protect our eyes from overhead sunlight. At this time of year, though, the sun sits at an angle beneath our brows, and our eyes have to deal with much more direct sunlight.

While the sun’s damaging UV rays can certainly be problematic in the summer due to bright light in the season however, rays don’t shine directly into our eyes for most of the day; in the fall, they often do! The good news is that it is both simple and stylish to protect your eyes during this time of year.

Sun Protection and Fall Fashion

Invest in a good pair of fall sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses. These are specially constructed with an optical filter between the two pieces of material that comprise the lens. Depending on the type of polarizer used, it will filter out light sources of a certain wavelength. The lenses found in polarized sunglasses specifically filter out UV rays, blocking harmful sunrays from your eyes. Don’t forget to keep them out on cloudy days—as much as 90% of UV light can still find its way through cloud cover!

If you aren’t sure what type of sunglasses would best suit your lifestyle, you can visit your local FYidoctors. They will be able to recommend a lens and frame to match your prescription and the type of activities you do—no matter what the season—while fitting you with a pair to match your personal style and the shape of your face. Read our blog on polarized and coloured lenses to learn more about which sunglass type is suited for your lifestyle.

Autumn is no doubt a beautiful time of year, be sure to take it all in! Visit your local FYidoctors to check out our sunglasses options to round out your autumn fashion.