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Baby Girls Sees Mom for the First Time

Posted on July 7th, 2015

There's nothing like the first time a baby looks into her mother's eyes. The world actually got a rare glimpse into just that, thanks to a viral video starring the adorable Louise McMorris, a beautiful eight-month old girl born with albinism—a rare, incurable pigmentation disorder that affects hair, skin and eyes and which left Louise legally blind.

Louise has the rarest form of the condition known as OCA-1, which means that she can see very little. Fortunately, she was introduced to a renowned specialist in Minneapolis who prescribed a special pair of glasses which allowed Louise to see her mother for the very first time. The rest is an incredible moment captured on film.

The glasses aren't a cure, but they will help dramatically improve Louise's sight and have given both mother and daughter a whole new outlook on life.

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