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Customizing Your Fit with the i.Terminal® 2

Posted on May 18th, 2018

To create the perfect fit for your new glasses, your optician needs to take many measurements. Not only does your eyewear need to sit properly on your face—your lenses also need to fit properly within your frames to ensure you’re truly benefitting from your prescription.

While it’s possible to do this manually, fitting errors can cause up to a 40% loss in lens performance. To avoid this margin of error, FYidoctors uses the i.Terminal® 2: an advanced technology that measures your visual parameters more accurately and efficiently than can be done by hand.

What it is

The i.Terminal® 2 is the latest centration device from ZEISS. It’s 84% more accurate and 60% faster than manual measuring. In just one minute, this device takes a series of photos to provide an in-depth recommendation on what lenses will work best for your unique facial parameters. Additionally, the i.Terminal® 2 will work with any frames, so you have no restrictions when selecting your new pair.

How it works

The i.Terminal® 2 uses proprietary vergence control technology to collect all the data it needs to provide you with personalized lens measurements—it only takes 60 seconds and the push of a button!

Step 1: The optician will place the calibration tool on your new glasses

iTerminal calibration tool - image

Step 2: The i.Terminal® 2 takes photos to capture the parameters of your face and chosen frames including

  • Frame data (A, B, DBL)
  • Interpupillary distance (PD)
  • Monocular pupillary distance (mono PD)
  • Fitting height, segment height
  • Back vertex distance (BVD)
  • Pantoscopic angle (PA)
  • Wrap angle

iTerminal at work - image

In other words, it will measure the distance between your pupils, the distance from your eye to the glasses, the angle at which the lens will need to be placed, and all the other parameters it needs to customize your new eyewear to fit you perfectly.

Step 3: The optician can adjust the frame markers directly on the digital image. The system will calculate the data automatically

iTerminal calibration side view - image

Step 4: The results are ready, and the optician can make a final lens recommendation for your customized glasses!

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about where you stand in front of the i.Terminal® 2. It has auto-focus technology, so it can detect where you are and will capture accurate photos as long as you are within its range.

Next time you visit FYidoctors for your new glasses, ask us about how the i.Terminal® 2 will help you find the perfect fit!


To learn more about the technology FYidoctors uses to customize your eye care experience, visit a clinic near you.