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Eye Care: Dilation

Posted on May 29th, 2015

If you’ve visited an optometrist lately and had your eyes dilated, it was probably your least favourite part of the appointment. Dilation requires patients to wear protective eyewear for a few hours after an optometry appointment, which can be inconvenient. But the benefits of dilation far outweigh the nuisance you experience for only a short time after.

Dilation allows Optometrists to see a few major conditions that cannot be seen without dilating the eyes. Cataracts, posterior vitreous detachment, and peripheral retinal diseases, for example, will likely be missed without dilating the eyes.

At FYidoctors, our goal is to make every eye care exam as thorough, helpful, and informative possible. We understand dilation may cause a slight inconvenience for a short period, but we want to provide you with the highest standards in eye care we know to be possible and prevent any problems from developing with your eyesight. Learn more about FYidoctors by visiting our website today.