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Five Easy Ways to Run With Glasses

Posted on May 26th, 2020
Five Easy Ways to Run with Glasses

With the warm weather finally upon us, it’s time to grab your running shoes, turn on your ultimate playlist, and hit the pathways near you. For those of us who require glasses all the time, running can sometimes be a challenge! Not to worry, though. Here are few ways you can run with glasses without worrying about damaging or losing your specs. 

1. Get your frames properly fit

Loose-fitting glasses often can slip down your nose while running, resulting in discomfort and even the possibility of your glasses falling off entirely. Fortunately, there may be an easy solution. Simply visit your optometrist to get them to adjust your frames to ensure they’ll fit snugly and comfortably on your face while exercising. 

2. Ask Your Optician about Nose Pads  

Sometimes the answer lies with the proper nose pads, or nose pad replacements. Ask your optician if nose pads are an option for your glasses. Depending on your face shape, if your frames allow for it, this added support can reduce slippage. If you find yourself constantly pushing up your glasses, you may want to consider inquiring about this feature. 3. Pick up an eyewear retainer 

3. Pick Up an Eyewear Retainer

If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, you’ll be happy to know there are a variety of popular eyewear bands (also known as “eyewear retainers”) that you can simply attach to your frames and wear around your neck to prevent them from falling off. Popular brands of eyewear retainers, such as Croakies, fit comfortably around your neck and glasses, are simple to attach, and are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials. 

4. Get transiti​on lenses 

Transition lenses (also known as photochromic) automatically change from clear to dark in the presence of UV light. This two-in-one option offers all the benefits of prescription eyewear when you’re indoors while turning into UV-rated sunglasses when you’re outside. It’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of prescription sunglasses without the need to switch frames while exercising. 

5. Choose lighter frames 

Many joggers choose eyewear that is constructed out of durable and lightweight materials specifically designed for sports. Brands such as Oakley and Adidas offer frames designed for being active, and can even be fitted with prescription lenses. 

6. Wear a Sweat Band  

Sport a sweat band on your forehead while on your jog. Sweat can cause your frames to slip even more! The sweat band will catch any perspiration and ensure areas like the bridge of your nose and behind your ears are dry so your glasses can stay snug.  

7. Clean your glasses before and afterwards 

Sanitizing your glasses is an excellent habit to get into. Frames are constantly touching your face and could be a site for bacteria to thrive. Clean your frames before and after your run to minimize bacteria. After your workout is especially important because sweat can get into certain parts of your frames, and your lenses are more likely to get covered with dust, dirt, and grit. Cleaning your running glasses off after your run or ride will safeguard your lenses’ protective coating and help ensure your frames last as long as possible. 
To find the perfect pair of sports glasses for your next run, call an FYidoctors clinic nearest you or browse frames online.