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Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face

Posted on June 28th, 2016

Picking out sunglasses can be one of the most fun – or challenging – parts of changing your wardrobe for the new season. A fun new pair can be the perfect way to update your look without buying too many new clothes. Some people like to buy several trendy, inexpensive frames, but others like to spend more on one classic style. Choosing your frames is something you’ll have to consider extra carefully if you’re investing in prescription sunglasses.


There’s no need for sunglass shopping to be intimidating if you keep one basic principle in mind: identify your face shape, and then balance it out. Trace your face in a mirror to find your face shape and read below for some tips.




A round face is widest in the cheeks, with a narrower hairline and chin. Choose angular, geometric shades to give this soft, youthful face shape some definition. Rectangular wayfarer or cat-eye frames are a good choice, as are oversized styles in general, especially if they are wider at the top or bottom.

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Oval faces are fairly neutral and can look good in most styles. If your face veers to the long side, oversized frames can be a good choice. Avoid frames that carry more visual weight to the top or bottom; since your face is so balanced, choose equally balanced frames to avoid throwing it off.

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You’ll want to choose glasses with a focus on the lower half of the frame. That will offset your wider browbone and draw attention to your delicate, narrower chin. Aviators are a good choice for heart shapes, as are larger wayfarers and glasses with frame only on the bottom half of the lens.

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Square faces are the opposite of round in that since they are quite angular, more rounded glasses will be the most flattering. Sixties-style circle lenses and aviators are both a good choice. Cat-eyes with a rounded bottom can also work, as can sporty shield-style glasses.

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We recommend choosing glasses based on what typically works with your face shape, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Of course, your complexion and colouring will also decide what styles of glasses are great on you. Refer to this post when you’re shopping, or just remember to always look for frames that balance out your face.


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