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Healthy Tips for Your Eyes: How to Have Healthy Vision

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Proper eye care is an important part of maintaining your overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, certain lifestyle factors can lead to eyestrain, poor vision, and degenerative eye diseases. Take care of your eyes with the following tips.

The foods you eat can have a direct effect on the quality of your vision. Consider incorporating a number of dark coloured fruits and vegetables into your diet as these are great sources of zeaxanthin and lutein—both of which are found in the lens and retina of your eyes. Try eating foods such as spinach, kale, kiwi, prunes, melons, squash, broccoli, grapes, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and dark green lettuce. It is also important to eat your vegetables raw or lightly cooked as overcooking will reduce the vitamin and mineral content. Adding foods to your diet that are high in omega-3 fatty acids may also help to reduce your risk of macular degeneration.

Staring at a computer screen or television for long periods of time can increase eye strain and increase your risk of visual impairment. Consider resting your eyes while working at a computer screen by looking away for two minutes after each 15 minute period. When watching TV, you’ll want to make sure that your viewing distance is at least seven times the width of the television screen. It is also a good idea to blink your eyes frequently to keep them moist and maintain your ability to focus. Blink rapidly for six times allowing for a few seconds in between each blink. Shut your eyes for two long breaths and then repeat the process several times.

The sun can damage your eyes just as easily as it can your skin. Keep your eyes protected by investing in a pair of sunglasses that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Perhaps one of the best ways to maintain healthy vision is to undergo an eye exam. Whether you’re interested in an eye exam or vision correction options, our optometrists with FYidoctors in Canada are here to help.