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Importance of FYi Lens Technology

Posted on April 9th, 2015
Like all areas in today’s constantly evolving and improving world, vision correction is improving by leaps and bounds.  The latest improvement in eyewear is Internal Freeform lenses, which is the most advanced lens technology available today.  To learn more about this revolutionary technology, read the following overview.

Conventional Lenses

Older lens technologies place your visual needs on the front surface of your eyeglasses. Placing the prescription for your glasses on the outside or rather the front side of the lens, can create more distortion and a “swim and sway” effect due to the uneven curvature of the front surface of the lens. The center of visual acuity with older type lenses is smaller than what you would experience with newer lenses.

Internal Freeform Lenses

Internal Freeform lens technology allows your optometrist to digitally fuse your prescription to the internal surface of your eyeglass lens.  Your prescription is digitally calculated to match the movements of your eyes.  In addition, the distance between your eyes and your eyeglass frames is taken into account when creating your eyeglasses.  Even the tilt of your glasses on your nose and the curvature of your face are incorporated into the digital calculations of your prescription.

Benefits of Internal Freeform Lenses

By placing your prescription closer to your eye, you will experience much less distortion  Furthermore, you will find you will have a much wider field of vision with Internal Freeform lenses.  A wider field of vision, coupled with the clearest vision correction available can have a great impact on your life and how see. 

Clearer vision and a wider field of vision will result in less squinting, which means less strain on your eyes and can greatly slow the deterioration of your vision.  In addition, a wider field of vision can benefit your performance in sports and increase safety while driving.

For a truly customized pair of eyeglasses utilizing Internal Freeform lenses, contact the experienced and innovative staff at FYidoctors.  At FYidoctors, our optometrists offer you solutions to all of your eye care, eyewear, and vision correction needs, using the latest technology and equipment.