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International Women’s Day Employee Spotlight: Nancy Morison

Posted on March 8th, 2018

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Since the 1900s, the day has united both men and women to reflect on the struggles of gender equality and to continue to strengthen advocacy for women’s rights.


At FYidoctors, women play an important role in our company’s story. In honour of the day, we sat down with our new VP of Delta Ophthalmic Laboratory Nancy Morison, who fills an integral role at our laboratory. Morison and the team in Delta are focused on the daily manufacturing and shipping of 1,400 pairs of the most technically advanced glasses or lenses a day to clinics across the country.


“It’s manufacturing but it’s made-to-order manufacturing that is really unique,” she said. “At the end of the day, we are manufacturing individual products for individual people. Every prescription is unique.”


Before joining FYidoctors last December, Morison was the chief operating officer of (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) head office in Vancouver, BC. With experience at an international eyewear company as COO, at i2 Technologies as a product manager and at Loomis Courier Service (now Loomis Express/DHL), Nancy’s background in small pack express logistics and system and software development, provides the backbone for her success in fast paced, high growth e-commerce environments. Although Morison, a woman running a large-scale innovative ophthalmic manufacturing laboratory, is considered an anomaly now, she doesn’t see it being out of the ordinary 20 years from now.


“Hopefully in 20 years, it just won’t matter, and we won’t be having this conversation anymore,” said Morison. She acknowledges that although she feels she hasn’t faced any barriers as her career progressed due to being a woman, there is much work yet to be done.


“As I look back there are a couple reasons I didn’t face significant barriers being a woman—especially in supply chain and logistics—a male-dominated industry,” explained Morison. “When I started my career, I worked very hard to ensure I went above and beyond at every job so there was no reason that anybody could judge my abilities or contributions.”


A graduate of the University of British Columbia in the field of human kinetics with a specialization in leadership and coaching, she was a finalist in the 2013 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards in the Business and Professions category. Her role models include Lisa Lisson, president of FedEx Canada.


“I have been an FYidoctors patient myself and I think patients are getting the best eye care in the industry,” she said. “I am very proud to support the backbone of that with helping get the most technologically advanced pair of glasses to patients. I think it’s a great combination.”


Morison and her husband are proud parents of two teenage boys and their personal time is spent volunteering in the various amateur sports in which their kids participate. Weekends also find her on the links, the slopes or on the ice, captaining her women’s hockey team to wins, or just ensuring that everyone is having a good time.


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