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Four Great Eye Health Resources for Kids

Posted on September 4th, 2015

According to the Canadian Association of Optometry, over 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years is visual. That's why it's incredibly important to ensure that their eyes remain as healthy as possible. Your optometrist can provide a wealth of information about your child's eyes during a complete eye exam, but being as informed as possible will ensure your child's eyes are healthy all year round.

Below are four great resources you can turn to for complete information on your child's vision health:
Created and run by medical professionals in the fields of paediatrics and adolescent medicine, has a ton of useful information for both parents and kids. While the site features great information on all aspects of your child's mental and physical development, there are also some fantastic articles and tips on the importance of eye health.

If you're looking for information about your child's health that's simple and easy to understand, then may be your best bet. The site has great information on children's health, behaviour and development. If you're looking for info on eye health in particular, you'll also find plenty of advice and great articles.
The CNIB (formerly the Canadian National Institute for the Blind) has an incredible website that's full of resources for both parents and kids. Featuring articles on eye health, eye safety and tips for recognizing the signs of vision problems in your child, there's plenty of information to keep your kid's eyes happy and healthy. 

The Canadian Association of Optometrists
One of the country's most respected vision care organizations, CAO has an entire section dedicated to children's eye health, with a wide range of articles, tips and videos for parents compiled by some of the top medical professionals in Canada.

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