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Opposites Attract This Fall in Eyewear Trends

This fall, style is all about opposites. According to FYidoctors Practice Coach Danielle Moule, looks coming out of designer eyewear fashion houses are contradictory, ranging from oversized rims to clean and simplistic minimalism.


“Clear and metal frames are making a comeback,” she said of the trends she is seeing this season. “Shapes are all over the map!”


This broad range means there are many dynamic shapes to choose from in frames this autumn, so don’t shy away from round, cat eye, and trying out a new and unique one-of-a-kind look to find what works best for you.

 Distinct John Varvatos 155 Black

Source: John Varvatos.


The beveled edges on these John Varvatos men’s frames are stealing the show this fall. The round, full-metal rims feature a matte coloured coating that will stand out amongst Canadian autumn layering.

 Rich Michael Kors 4037 3214

Source: Michael Kors.


Michael Kors frames easily capture the glamour and effortless sophistication akin to the brand’s reputation. You won’t be disappointed with signature details like its logo plaques and polished studs. The mosaic pattern adorning these frames lend a distinctive finish perfect for this fall’s darker pallettes.

 Bold FYSH 3562 659


Source: FYSH UK.


This ombre tangerine frame will add an eye-catching pop of colour to your overall outfit, while still maintaining professionalism with its leading grey gradient. Cool and urban is what Fysh UK stands for, so you’ll notice the attention to detail right away. The European influence is evident in the bold colouring and intricate pattern along the top rim of the frame – ideal for fall!

 Lively Zoobug 1004 185 002

Source: Zoobug.


Keep your kids looking stylish this fall with new frames from Zoobug. Made for ages 0 through 12, these frames include comfy soft rubber components for the rough and tumble life of a kid. The fun, bright colouring will get kids excited about wearing their frames, all the while feeling comfortable and confident in the classroom and on the playing field.


To try on these looks for yourself, find your closest FYidoctors location.