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The Benefit of Back Up Glasses

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Bad things can happen to good glasses. Despite how careful we are, accidents can happen and being without glasses can be debilitating.

Kids Crunch Glasses

Children are obviously at higher risk of having their glasses crunched. Because children can be tough on their eyewear, it's always a good idea to purchase a second, or backup, pair of eyeglasses for them. This especially is true if your child has a strong prescription and cannot function without his or her glasses.

Always Bring Your Back-up Pair on a Trip

If you are going out of town, bring a spare pair of glasses.  A vacation can be seriously hindered by impaired vision not to mention the incurred costs of purchasing eyewear.

Be Prepared So You Don’t Stress

Glasses will inevitably break at the most inconvenient time. Being prepared with a second pair will eliminate the annoying scenario of having to rush around trying to find a midnight optometrist or eyewear store all with impaired vision. Keep a spare pair for peace of mind.