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The Right Fit for your Glasses

Posted on December 1st, 2016

When most people get new glasses, style and colour are key concerns. But trust us: if those glasses don’t fit well, the discomfort they’ll cause could ruin your relationship with them. Luckily, FYidoctors opticians and staff know that properly fitted eyewear should feel so natural that you hardly notice you’re wearing them. We’ll take those gold and neon frames and make them fit your face as well as they fit your personality.

There are a number of tell-tale signs that your eyewear fit is less than perfect:

Are your glasses squeezing your temples? The frame width is too narrow. Frames that are too tight won’t be comfortable and can result in headaches.

Are your glasses pinching you behind the ears? The arms on your glasses are too short. Everyone’s ears are a different distance from the front of their face. A proper eyewear fitting should take this into account.

Are your glasses sliding down your nose? It’s likely that your glasses’ nose bridge is too wide or you may need to have nose pads added to your frames.

Do your glasses leave red marks on your nose? Sounds like your glasses’ nose bridge is too tight. The distance between the lenses can either be adjusted in width, or by adding padding to the nose bridge. An experienced optician will help you find the frames that suit your measurements best.

Do your glasses sit on your face crookedly? The eyewear arm angle is probably off. Sometimes, glasses get bent out of shape. Conversely, many people have ears which are at slightly different heights. Properly adjusted glasses will accommodate a wide variety of face shapes and sizes.

Do you have to push your glasses down your nose in order to focus? Sounds like your prescription is off. Glasses should provide optimal vision when they are worn correctly on your face.

Do you have to tilt your head to focus? If you view something close up and then have to refocus on something in the distance, tipping your head can be of assistance because your optic center is too small. Usually this is a sign that your glasses lenses are low quality or too old. Consider higher quality lenses such as Internal Freeform Lenses, which have a much wider field of view.

Using technology like the Zeiss iTerminal, FYidoctors opticians and staff ensure all appropriate measurements are taken so that your eyewear has that perfect fit. We know that looking good and seeing clearly shouldn't just look effortless; it should be effortless. Do you need to get your glasses adjusted? Visit your nearest FYidoctors today, and one of our staff would be happy to fit your glasses.

You can trust us for safe, comprehensive eye care. Read More about our enhanced safety procedures.