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Top 3 Solo-Summer Exercises You Can Try Today

Posted on June 22nd, 2020
Top 3 Solo-Summer Exercises You Can Try Today

To maintain overall health and wellness, regular exercise is key. Fitness is also important for healthy vision. For some, a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for eye disease like diabetic retinopathy. The Government of Canada recommends children have 60 minutes of moderate to vigourous physical activity per day, while adults should maintain at least 150 minutes per week.  

Now that it’s summer, you may be itching to get outdoors. The benefit of exercising outdoors is the exposure to fresh air and the space that is offered to engage in cardiovascular workouts. Enjoy the weather and stay active with these 3 outdoor solo-workouts. Whether you are looking for a respite to clear your head in solitude or you’re looking for outdoor activities while social distancing is still in effect—these exercises will be sure to bring up your heart rate! 

1. Cycling  

Cycling is naturally an individual sport. Explore your neighbourhood by bike and pinpoint your favourite routes. Challenge yourself by adding an extra kilometre each time you hit the trails—this will help build up your endurance and give yourself something to work towards! 

Biking is also an excellent way to engage in cardiovascular fitness, improve joint flexibility and decrease stress. If you haven’t cycled in a long time, refresh your memory on the safety considerations, including the recommended protective eyewear.   

You may want to consider an app or sport watch to track kilometers, routes, and activity levels. Apps can help you track and plan your journey, so you can keep challenging yourself and seeing progress. 

2. Park Exercises 

Do you live near a public park—or is there one in driving distance? If you feel cooped up at home, or you are interested in a change of scenery, consider moving your workout into an open grassy area.  

You can start with a light jog around the park to warm up and then engage in some dynamic stretches. The beauty of working out in a field is the amount of open space you can utilize! You can also be mindful in these public areas to keep distance from others.  

Once you’ve warmed up you can engage in cardio exercises like sprints. Try shorter distances first, from one end of the field to the quarter mark, then incrementally increase to longer distances you feel comfortable with. Remember to give your body enough time to recover in between each set. For more field workout inspiration, try these beginner sprints.  

If you need a little extra motivation, try a neighbourhood boot camp! Many communities offer workouts in public parks led by instructors to keep you engaged.  

3. Core Strength Exercises 

Sure, you can do core exercises indoors but moving outdoors will offer you a change of scenery and you can enjoy the warm weather! If you have a backyard or open space in your neighbourhood, move your floor mat outside. You can try yoga exercises, abdomen workouts and even weightlifting

Core exercises strengthen your lower back, abdomen and hips, which can lead to better balance and improve your performance for other cardiovascular activities.  

If you are unsure what level to aim for in your workouts, talk with a personal trainer to set a program to accommodate your abilities before moving to something like strength training. You may want to consult your doctor as well to ensure the program is right for you.  

Remember to wear sunglasses when you’re outside exercising to protect your eyes. For more resources, visit our health and wellness page.