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Protect Your Eyes this Summer: Your Guide to Pools, Lakes and Oceans

Posted on July 15th, 2019
FYidoctors Blog | Protect Your Eyes this Summer: Your Guide to Pools, Lakes and Oceans

Whether you’re in or on the water, be mindful of hazards that could lead to eye troubles down the road. By taking some simple precautions, you can ensure your eyes will stay healthy all summer long.


Reflective Rays

Water, like snow, reflects and concentrates harmful UV rays from the sun which can lead to corneal damage. The best way to block these rays from entering your eyes is to purchase a pair of sunglasses that blocks UVA and UVB rays. If you enjoy fishing or boating, consider opting for polarized lenses; they contain a special filter that blocks even more glare than traditional lenses allowing for both safer and clearer vision.


Swimming Hazards

The addition of chlorine to swimming pools may destroy bacteria and organisms in the water, but the chemical itself may be just as irritating to eyes. If opting for a lake over a pool, the presence of naturally occurring bacteria may be cause for infection. In either case, you should refrain from opening your eyes underwater. If clear vision in the deep end is required, goggles or prescription goggles may provide a protective option that still allows for visibility underwater.


Care for Contacts

Swimming with contacts is not recommended. If you need to see while swimming, try a pair of prescription goggles. Contacts limit oxygen to your eye and can trap bacteria behind them, so whether you have just been swimming in a chlorinated pool or lake, handled a fish, or gassed up a boat, avoid touching your eyes until you’ve had time to thoroughly wash your hands. This will lessen the chance of contamination and irritation.


Need eye protection this summer? We invite you to chat with us in-store or contact your local FYidoctors to see what options are available for your needs.