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Workplace Eyecare and Prescription Safety Glasses in Canada

Posted on April 26th, 2019
Bryan Baeumler

You only have one pair of eyes, and chances are your vision is integral to your work. Taking care of your eyesight is especially important if you work in an industry that requires you to use protective eyewear, like HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler. To keep his eyes safe on the job, Baeumler chose a pair of heavy-duty, construction-grade Canadian safety glasses from FYidoctors.


Workplace eye injuries are remarkably common. Every day, roughly 700 Canadian workers are injured while on the clock. To prevent being one of them, take a proactive approach to protecting your eyes and ensure that your eye gear will keep your vision safe on the job.


Be Proactive

The best way to avoid workplace injuries is to prevent them. If you can’t see clearly, you may cause an accident. Ensure you correct any current or potential vision problems by having regular appointments with your local optometrist. For instance, your eye doctor will be able to tell you when you may need to switch to bifocal safety glasses as your eyes change, or when you need to adjust your prescription.


Maintain Eyewear

To ensure that you are taking the best care of your eyes at work, your eyewear should be up-to-date. Have any necessary repairs completed and replace eyewear if needed. If you opt for prescription safety glasses from FYidoctors, you will also need to consider whether your prescription is current.


Know What Eye Protection You Need

Your protective eyewear needs will vary depending on your workplace environment. For example, if you are working in an area that has particles, flying objects or dust, you should at least wear safety glasses with side shields and adhere to the workplace safety codes.


If you work with chemicals, you should be wearing safety goggles. When working near hazardous radiation, as welders do, one should use special-purpose protective glasses, goggles, face shields or helmets as required for the task, again, as indicated by the workplace safety standards.


Lastly, protect your eyes every day from UV radiation by wearing sunglasses, tinted prescription safety glasses, or transition lenses when working outdoors.


Wear Lenses Made of Polycarbonate Material

Polycarbonate lenses are an ideal protective eyewear material. A powerful plastic capable of withstanding the force of a .22 caliber bullet, polycarbonate lenses are also lightweight, scratch resistant and can be matched with most prescriptions.


Don’t Substitute Regular Glasses for Protective Eyewear

If parts of your day-to-day glasses become dislodged or broken on the job because you weren’t wearing adequate safety eyewear, not only do you risk potentially damaging your frames and lenses, but you also risk damaging your eyes. Instead, choose a form of protective eyewear that has been specifically designed and rated for your workplace and keep glasses in good repair. 


Modify Your Setup to Fit Your Comfort

Avoid eye strain, especially when working on detailed tasks, by ensuring your workspace is comfortable. Worktable surfaces should be at, or slightly below, eye level so that you do not have to twist your body or crane your neck. Maintaining a neutral head and neck position is a key way to reduce eye strain


Be Aware of How Your Eyes Are Feeling

It is easy to take the eyes we use every day for granted. If your job requires you to complete detailed work, or you work long hours, avoid getting eye issues such as an ocular migraine by blinking your eyes often and using lubricating eye drops. Take appropriate breaks, be mindful of having proper light, and avoid the discomfort of wearing safety glasses over glasses by opting for prescription safety eyewear, where advised.


At your next eye doctor appointment, ensure you tell your optometrists about any health and safety requirements, questions or concerns that arise from your job. To learn more about how to keep your eyes safe at work, and what the best safety glasses option is for your eyes, visit an FYidoctors location near you

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