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Eyewear Customized For Your Eyes

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Internal Freeform Lenses - See the Difference

Many people are aware of advances in technology in cars, TVs and cell phones but few people know that there have been major advances in technology for progressive lenses which can make a big difference in your vision.

All Lenses Are Not Created Equal
Older progressive lenses use pre-molded curves that are meant to fit a range of prescriptions. How can one set of lenses match the visual needs of several people? This one-size-fits-all concept doesn’t consider your specific and unique vision needs.Older progressive lenses also have their limitations. Wearers often experience more distortion, a smaller field of view.


Digitally Customized for Your Eyes
Internal Freeform Lenses are truly customized lenses. Our advanced lens technology can calculate hundreds of touch points based on your unique eye movement. This data dictates the digital fusion of your prescription onto the lens. This process allows for more natural and more comfortable vision. There is less need to move your head to find the visual center of the lens when going between distant and close focus.


Built to Fit Your Face
The most advanced Freeform lenses can be further customized to account for the angle of the glasses when resting on your nose, the distance of the lens from your face, and the curvature of your face.

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