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Five Great Apps for Better Eye Health

Posted on April 9th, 2015

In today's busy world, it's sometimes easy to forget about your eyes. Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, it's easier than ever to monitor your vision health. Below are five great smartphone apps that – when used in conjunction with regularly scheduled visits with your optometrist – can help keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Vision Test
If you want to carry out some very basic eye exams in the comfort of your own home, then the Vision Test app has you covered. While it's no substitute for a visit with your optometrist, it does allow you to carry out rudimentary exams for astigmatism, color blindness and more so you can arrange a visit with your eye care professional.

According to the World Health Organization, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are two of the biggest causes of blindness in the world. Fortunately, the MaculaTester app offers a simple vision test that can alert you to potential vision problems so you can get more comprehensive testing and treatment by scheduling an appointment with your optometrist.

ColorBlind Helper
If you suffer from colour blindness, this helpful app allows you figure out exactly what colours you're looking at. With ColorBlind Helper, you simply take a photo, touch any area on your smartphone screen and the app will tell you what colour is associated with a particular object. It's a great way to ensure you don't miss any important, colour-based visual cues.

Lens Tracker LE
If you wear contact lenses, Lens Tracker LE can tell you when to discard your lenses. The app allows you to track and manage your contacts, lets you know when to reorder new ones and even lets you set a reminder for your next appointment with your optometrist.

If you take any type of eye medication, EyeDROPS has you covered. This simple app keeps track of all your meds and reminds you when to take them. The app can also remind you of potential allergic issues and includes a database of available eye medications. Remember to always consult your optometrist before taking any kind of eye medication. 

While smartphone technology makes it easier than ever to monitor the health of your eyes, it's important to remember that smartphone apps aren't meant to be a substitute for a medical professional. The most important part of maintaining your eye health is to make sure you visit your optometrist on a regular basis. 

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