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FYidoctors’ NEW Anti-Onion Lens Coating Now Available

Posted on March 31st, 2022

Ground-breaking technology by FYidoctors

We are thrilled to announce that FYidoctors is the first to make Anti-Onion Lens Coating available in Canada. No longer will prepping a meal sting your eyes or ruin your makeup. Using allyl sulfide-repelling technology, this new coating will prevent you from crying while cutting onions or garlic.

Here’s how it works: Allyl sulfide is a chemical compound that is released when onions, spring onions, and garlic are cut, irritating the tear glands and effectively making us cry.

This innovation has been in development for over nine months now, with research conducted by our very own research team in our Calgary labs, and...

April Fools’!

If you’ve made it this far, we’re deeply sorry for the disappointment. Although allyl sulfide-repelling technology would be pretty cool, unfortunately, the Anti-Onion Lens Coating doesn’t exist (yet).

But we do have seven other amazing lens coating options! And from April 1-8, you can get a FREE blue light or anti-fog lens coating when you upgrade to HD Plus Lenses on your complete glasses purchase. Visit your local FYidoctors to claim this offer!

Learn more about some of our most popular lens coatings:

Anti-fog: If you're tired of your glasses fogging up at the most inconvenient moments, then FYidoctors' VeriClara is for you. Using a unique two-step system, our anti-fog lens coating combines a foundational coating and a daily activation cloth to provide long-lasting results. The ant-fog coating is part of the lens manufacturing process and was initially developed for use in aeronautics. It’s been formulated to inhibit both condensation from accumulating on the surface of the lens and to allow the anti-fog properties of the cloth to penetrate and adhere to the lens.

Anti-glare: Our high-definition anti-reflective coating can reduce and even eliminate surface reflections and lens glare, while improving overall cosmetic appearance and reducing “ghost images.” It’s a great option for those who drive at night and can be combined with many of our other lens coatings, including the blue light-blocking coating.

Blue light-blocking lenses: More important than ever, our blue light-blocking lens coating protects eyes from strain caused by an increase in screen time. (Between our phones, computers and streaming, we’re all guilty.) This technology can be added to our anti-reflective lens coating for the ultimate protection. Learn more about how our blue light-blocking technology can protect eye fatigue.

Self-tinting lenses: Our self-tinting lenses (or photochromatic lenses) offer the best of both worlds: they turn glasses into sunglasses whenever the lenses are exposed to direct sunlight. The more UVA and UVB light, the darker the lenses will become, offering your eyes the ultimate protection from the sun.

To learn more about all our lens coatings, visit your local FYidoctors clinic