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Lens Coatings 101: Types and Benefits

Posted on July 22nd, 2020
Lens Coatings 101: Types and Benefits

When you choose FYidoctors glasses, your lenses will do some of the heavy lifting for you. In fact, when you have the correct lens coating that matches your daily activities you won't even notice the technology at work—which means it’s doing its job!  

We've broken down the features of each lens coating package to help you understand the benefits behind the name. Our experienced opticians will highlight which of the three coating packages will likely be the best fit for you. Each have been tested and studied for the best combination of properties for your ease of use. 

What are lens coatings?  

To the naked eye, your lens may seem like a single ordinary piece of glass. In actuality, if you were to zoom in you would see that there are three primary layers within a given coating—the Hard Coat, the Anti-reflective (AR) Stack, and the Top Coat. It’s the combination of these features that make each type unique. The science of lens coating is finding the correct balance of layers for perfect personalization that can enhance your daily life.

If you could see all the possible lens coating layers it would be comprised of the Hard Coat, AR Stack and Top Coat.

FYidoctors Lens Coatings Types 


If you are an outdoor explorer at heart or the type of person to stow your glasses in a getaway bag for a weekend of hiking—chances are the IGuard coating is for you. It’s extremely durable and manufactured right here in Canada at the FYidoctors Delta labs. For this lens, the hard coat is applied duel sided using a thermal dip coating process. This offers maximum scratch resistance and uniform performance. Wearers of this coating can rest easy knowing they have ample protection from debris and can carry on with their day-to-day activities worry-free.  

High Def Plus Anti-Reflective Coating 

Don’t be deceived by the simple name—this lens coating has a lot to offer. If you’re typically always on the go and can’t live without your glasses (those with a high prescription know this all too well!), then this all-in-one coating will cover every base. A sophisticated AR stack eliminates distracting reflections and will allow you to focus on exactly what is in front of you.  

This coating also contains a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, meaning your lenses will be water, dirt and dust resistant. Anti-static and Satin coatings ensure ease of cleaning and a long life for your specs. Suffice it to say, this coating combination offers exceptional protection with details for comfort.  

High Def Blue Anti-Reflective Coating with Blue Light Filtering Technology 

How often are you on your devices? According to a recent study conducted by Alcon, the average screen time for Canadians is 11 hours per day. You may work in an office-setting, be a video-game lover, enjoy binging your favourite TV show (or all of the above!), which means blue light filtering technology could provide you protection from eye strain, fatigue and potentially help maintain healthy sleep patterns. Read our blog on the impact of blue light on your sight for more information on its influence.  

FYidoctors’ High Def Blue lens coating offers all the properties of the regular anti-reflective coating but will also help shield you from blue light emitted from smart phones, LED monitors and tablets. This coating is additionally equipped with backside UV protection, making it a reliable coating for every situation.  

Lens coatings are becoming increasingly complex as technology advances and FYidoctors is continuously testing and studying properties in order to provide the absolute best coating selections for our patients. Before picking your coating always consult an optician at your local FYidoctors.