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Suspense for Snapchat Spectacles

Posted on December 1st, 2016

Coming Soon

“Landing soon,” states the Spectacles website, noncommittally. Snapchat’s video-shooting glasses are to be released in the upcoming months, and the suspense is killing us.

Snapchat has made a huge impact on social media with its photo-video app over the past few years. Millennials in particular have latched onto the platform, which allows users to send images and short videos to each other. These snapshots of life self-delete 24 hours after they’re posted. Now, Snapchat is jumping into the wearables market with Spectacles as a complement to the app. Basically, Spectacles are novelty sunglasses with a built-in camera, but this camera doesn’t take photos. As a video only device, Snapchat Spectacles records live snippets of life that max out at 10 seconds in length.


Not Google Glass

The yet-unreleased eyewear is making waves in social media, picking up where Google Glass stumbled and fell. Google Glass attempted a brave foray into the future, providing a constant computer display in the corner of a user’s field of vision, vocal recognition software, and a video camera (all mounted on a glasses frame). However, the device was panned as uncool, invasive, and crazy expensive. Snapchat’s new product is the latest and greatest attempt to crack the burgeoning market of wearable technology. It should be noted that officially, they’re denoted as toys, and their functionality is limited to taking videos and looking hip.

Google Glass was a step too far in wearable tech, and reviewers were concerned that it made people look like cyborgs. Spectacles are bright and fun; they easily complement your fashion or personal style. The glasses come in three colours: teal, coral, and black, in the style of Elton John 2.0. There’s no word as to whether the glasses provide UV protection, but we certainly hope so.


How to Use Spectacles

To shoot a video, users simply need to tap the side of the frame, and they’re set. A light is triggered on the inside so the wearer knows recording is taking place. Most importantly, a circle of lights facing outward alerts video subjects that they’re being captured.

Instead of hiding the camera, Spectacles goes for glam, thus eliminating people’s concerns about covert spying. The battery life lasts a full day of filming and charging them is as simple as putting them back in their case.

While the glasses aren’t exactly earth-shattering new technology, they’re definitely keeping up with the times. Sample Spectacles footage looks sharp and stable, similar to that of GoPro. Also, there’s a clever function between Spectacles and your smartphone which makes the videos viewed on your phone appear right side up, regardless of how your phone is angled. Videos are uploaded via Bluetooth (on iOS) or Wi-Fi. Spectacles will surely be focused on working with Snapchat, though we don’t know if they’ll be exclusively so.



The price point of these glasses is pegged at $129 USD, which is reasonable especially when compared to the price tag of Google Glass ($1,500). You get a pair of stylish novelty shades which double as a conversation starter at any party, and you’ll have the new superpower of shooting videos with your eyewear. On the downside, the videos you shoot may only be compatible with Snapchat. If you are interested in purchasing them, you’ll have to keep waiting for now. Info about where to buy/order them is not yet available. Keep your eyes on for updates.

Some of us at FYidoctors, are excited about shooting pictures with our glasses, but all of us are excited about anything that makes eyewear fun. Interested in learning about other up and coming technology trends? Read our blog about virtual reality headsets, and the role it plays in your vision.

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