Education Innovation: How Students are Benefiting from Advances in Vision-related Technology

Posted on September 6th, 2018

We’re living in an age where technology is transforming our lives at every turn—and the classroom is no exception. New and cutting-edge...

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Eye-Healthy Lunches for Kids

Posted on August 29th, 2018

It’s a perennial parenting responsibility—one that’s easy to forget during the laid-back days of summer. But with back-to-school sea...

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#FYiCares Guest Blogger: Christina Loewen

Posted on August 28th, 2018

As part of our FYidoctors Decade of Care celebration, a series of guest bloggers will be featured on our pages to talk about their thoughts and person...

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Employee Spotlight – Founding ODs on Women’s Equality Day

Posted on August 27th, 2018

Ten years. That’s how long FYidoctors has been in service as a doctor-led eyecare provider. It’s also how long each of these three women h...

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Tips & Tricks for Taking Photos with Glasses

Posted on August 20th, 2018

It’s a common question for anyone who wears corrective lenses and loves to take pictures: How can you take a quality photo while wearing glasses...

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#FYiCares Guest Blogger: Kodette LaBarbera

Posted on August 16th, 2018

As part of our FYidoctors Decade of Care celebration, a series of guest bloggers will be featured on our pages to talk about their thoughts and person...

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Exercise and Independence: Running with Guide Dogs

Posted on August 7th, 2018

Physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people with vision loss face barriers when it comes to exercise. Running...

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Juicy Watermelon Salad

Posted on August 4th, 2018

Watermelon is named rightfully so—this sweet fruit is 92% water. It will keep you hydrated on warm days and help fill you up. Beyond its refr...

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10 Facts About the FYidoctors Experience

Posted on August 3rd, 2018

Just like you would normally go in for an annual physical examination with your doctor, it’s also important to schedule check-ups with your opto...

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The Journey to Becoming an Optometrist

Posted on July 30th, 2018

An optometrist is a rewarding career, providing many avenues for specialization in an incredibly fulfilling vocation. The education you get gives you...

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Makeup with Glasses: Tips, Tools, & Techniques

Posted on July 26th, 2018

Wearing glasses creates unique challenges for makeup application. Many people like to accentuate different features using makeup; wearing glasses crea...

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Cataracts & You: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatments, & Prevention

Posted on July 25th, 2018

The National Coalition for Vision Health estimate that more than 2.5 million Canadians suffer from cataracts—increasing the need for routine eye...

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Considering Contact Lenses: Your Guide to the Right Fit

Posted on July 20th, 2018

Some might consider glasses to be easier than contacts. They are easy to put on in the morning and take off at night. They offer simple maintenance an...

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How Computer Vision Syndrome Affects Your Health

Posted on July 19th, 2018

When you sit at a computer all day, you may find that by the end of the day your eyes are tired, you’re mentally fatigued, or your neck muscles...

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Employee Spotlight: Dr. Mike Woods

Posted on July 17th, 2018

Meet Dr. Mike Woods, a caring optometrist at our Yorkview clinic North York, Ontario. What he brings to the FYidoctors team is not only an incredible...

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