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Gander (Newfoundland and Labrador)
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Meet Our Optometrists

Garry C. Best
Judy Narelle Wicks

Dr. Judy Wicks is originally from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia and graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Applied Science-Optometry degree from the Queensland University of Technology.
For twenty years, Dr. Wicks worked with group practice in many locations in four different provinces before purchasing an independent practice with her husband, Dr Glenn Wicks. After many visits to tourist in Canada or attend Optometry conferences in the USA, Dr. Wicks emigrated to Canada in 2013 to enjoy a northern hemisphere lifestyle, initially in Victoria then Vancouver in British Columbia. After completing the International Optometric Bridging Program in 2017, Dr Wicks relocated to Newfoundland to commence working for FYI at the Gander location in January 2018. Dr. Wicks is a certified therapeutic Optometrist with special interests in Laser refractive surgery, contact lenses, dry eye evaluation and treatment, and primary-care Optometry.

Glenn Wicks

Dr. Glenn Wicks is originally from Brisbane, Australia where he attended Queensland University of Technology, graduating with his Bachelor of Applied Science - Optometry in 1985. He then worked in a range of locations across 4 provinces in Australia, including time working as Clinical Director for an eye surgical centre specialising in Laser refractive and cataract surgery. In 2005, in conjunction with his wife, Dr Judy Wicks, they acquired an independent full scope practice in Bairnsdale, a rural town outside of Melbourne. During this time he completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics at Melbourne University. After deciding to abandon the heat and sunny weather of Australia, Dr Wicks completed the International Optometry Bridging program at the University of Waterloo in 2012. After successfully completing the Canadian Board exams, he and Judy emigrated to Canada in early 2013. Initially working in Victoria on Vancouver Island, before moving to Vancouver, Dr Wicks then again returned to working in a surgical centre, this time as General Manager of a Vancouver area laser and cataract centre. Dr Wicks was awarded his Fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry in 2015. Once Dr Judy Wicks had completed her International Optometry Bridging Program in 2017, they were looking for an opportunity to practice together in the one location again, leading them to join FYi Doctors at the Gander clinic. Dr Wicks is a certified therapeutic optometrist, with special interests in ocular pathology and its therapeutic management, surgical co-management and in Keratoconus.