Welcome to the world of Sacori. A specially crafted line of frames launched in collaboration with Arlene Dickinson a two-time best-selling author, influential entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Arlene worked closely with the FYidoctors design team to develop a core line of frames exclusive to FYidoctors | Visique. Sacori eyewear is made for people who want their frames to match their spirit and know that style and substance does not have to mean expensive.

Sacori frames are meticulously crafted and offer the very best in materials and design. When paired with our high-quality Canadian made lenses, Sacori is simply the new standard of premium eyewear.



7 New Frames For The 2021 Collection

Bold and confident, Arlene Dickinson’s new line of Sacori frames let you take charge.

Sacori Trailblazer Frames

The Trailblazer


When there’s nothing ahead of you and everyone behind you. The Trailblazer is cool, confident and clever.

Sacori Challenger Frames

The Challenger


The ones who keep pushing keep us from standing still. The Challenger is daring, uncompromising, and direct.

Sacori Analyst Frames

The Analyst


The world reveals itself to those who take the time to see it. The Analyst is subtle, penetrating, and refined.

Sacori Motivator Frames

The Motivator


Sparks don’t turn into flames on their own. The Motivator is driven, striking, and strong.

Sacori Creator Frames

The Creator


Don’t just imagine the possibilities, make them possible. The Creator is imaginative, elegant, and purposeful.

Sacori Founder Frames

The Founder


Be the one people look to. The Founder is bold, sophisticated and substantial.

Sacori Innovator Frames

The Innovator


Here to help those who see beyond the boundaries. The Innovator is bold, inspired, and modern.


Superior spring hinges tested for durability and greater range of movement.
100% hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Sacori Director Frames

The Director


For those who take charge and make things happen. The director is bold, creative and suave.

Sacori Valiant Frames

The Valiant


Incredible accomplishments aren’t a result of luck. The Valiant is a subtle update on timeless style.

Sacori Executive Frames

The Executive


Be the type others strive to emulate. The Executive portrays strength, smarts and personality

Sacori Pursuer Frames

The Pursuer


Take chances on yourself regardless of the opinion of others. The Pursuer is witty, passionate and composed.

Sacori Overseer Frames

The Overseer


When you want the job done right, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself. The Overseer is thoughtful, clean and comfortable.

Sacori Doer Frames

The Doer


Flawless execution is the result of meticulous planning. The Doer is striking, acute and original.

Sacori Influencer Frames

The Influencer


Made for those whose every day actions make an impact. The Influencer is creative, classic and refined.

Sacori Mentor Frames

The Mentor


Lead by example and be the type who others gravitate towards. The Mentor is sophisticated, attractive and grounded.

Sacori Intrepid Frames

The Intrepid


Inspired by the few who are willing to risk it all to realize a goal. The Intrepid is worldly, sharp and impactful.

Sacori Envisionist Frames

The Envisionist


Created for individuals who see the bigger picture, and then take action. The Envisionist is upbeat, modern and alluring.

Sacori Specialist Frames

The Specialist


For those who value the importance of finely-honed skills. The Specialist is agile, polished and assured.

Sacori Venturer Frames

The Venturer


Crafted for relentless minds who don’t know how to quit. The Venturer is dashing, intriguing and authentic.


Our lenses are made in Canada and feature an HD Plus ultra-protective coating that protects against scratches, reduces glare and repels water. The easiest to clean of any lens on the market.

Sacori Commander Frames

The Commander


Made to take charge and never look back. The Commander exudes quality, class and influence.

Sacori Ponderer Frames

The Ponderer


Created for people who expand on ideas until brilliance is reached. The Ponderer is rational, precise and dapper.

Sacori Enlightener Frames

The Enlightener


For those who welcome new ways of thinking from all angles. The Enlightener is sensible, enthusiastic and intuitive.

Sacori Owner Frames

The Owner


Reaping rewards requires taking risks. The Owner is capable, strong and attentive.

Sacori Persuader Frames

The Persuader


Success silences even the loudest critic. The Persuader is sophisticated, captivating and contemporary.

Sacori Builder Frames

The Builder


Creating something bigger than ourselves is our best chance at immortality. The Builder is unique, cultured and natural.


Italian Mazzucchelli acetate for deeper, fuller multi-dimensional colours.

Sacori Investor Frames

The Investor


Quality in any shape or form always has value. The Investor is energetic, alluring and wise.

Sacori Explorer Frames

The Explorer


Travelling the road less travelled offers numerous pitstops for growth. The Explorer is compelling, keen and decisive.

Sacori Master Frames

The Master


Passion and persistence combined is an unstoppable force. The Master is enduring, prolific and relaxed.

Sacori Negotiator Frames

The Negotiator


Considering all points of view is a shortcut to reaching goals. The Negotiator is forceful, intelligent and hip.

Sacori Collaborator Frames

The Collaborator


Striving for excellence is best done with others. The Collaborator is cooperative, courageous and approachable.

Sacori Conqueror Frames

The Conqueror


Continuous hard work is necessary for victory in battle. The Conqueror is stylish, enlightened and thoughtful.


Assembled with premium coated screws that are less likely to loosen.

Sacori Entrepreneur Frames

The Entrepreneur


It’s more than a means to an end, it’s who you are. The Entrepreneur is grounded, genuine and bright.

Sacori Operator Frames

The Operator


Step up to the challenge anytime, every time. The Operator is vivid clever and established.

Sacori Leader Frames

The Leader


Progression happens by pushing boundaries. The Leader is decisive, firm and skillful.