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Clinic Spotlight: FYidoctors Arthur ft. Practice Coach, Brenda Brown

Posted on August 20th, 2021

Time seems to slow down when you visit Arthur, Ontario. A quick walking tour of the charming village, packed with historical buildings (some dating back to the 1870s), would prove to anyone that the community's history is as colourful as its nature-packed views. Arthur was recognized as the “most patriotic village” in 1942, when it was discovered that one out of every seven Arthur residents participated in World War II. This is the highest ratio of all the villages of the same size in Canada. The pride of those long-gone days is still in the air in Arthur today, as people take the responsibility of caring for each other and their community seriously. 


In a place where everyone knows everyone, it’s no surprise that FYidoctors Arthur is a clinic where patients are treated like family. The history of the clinic goes back decades, even before Dr. Robert Gole acquired it in 1989. A new chapter of their history is in writing since the location joined the FYidoctors fold in 2016. 


The staff pride themselves on providing quality care in a friendly, welcoming environment, as well as their specialization in dry eye treatments and comprehensive eye exams using the optomap retinal scanner. 


The team is also proud to be highly involved with the community and giving back by donating to the Lions Club of Arthur, the Arthur Fall Fair Board, and local schools. 


The optometry team includes founder, Dr. Gole, Dr. Michael Hinch, who has been with the clinic for 26 years, and Dr. Ghada Hadidi, who joined the team in 2020. 


While they are busy with patients, longtime staffer and Practise Coach Brenda Brown helps to keep the well oiled machine that is FYidoctors Arthur, running. We caught up with her to learn more about what makes this clinic so unique. 

Meet Brenda Brown

Having been with the clinic for over 18 years, she knows that the friendly family vibes of the clinic are uniquely Arthur’s. “The people you meet become like family,” she reveals when asked what she loves most about her job. It’s not like that, everywhere! 


She explains that the familiarity afforded in a small town bleeds over into personal life in the best ways, for example, when she runs into patients at a grocery store. Brenda highlights that she loves when happy customers drop in to tell the team how pleased they are with their care, and to thank them for their hard work. 


Brenda started working in eye care because of her love of fashion and eyeglasses. Mixing up her daily eyewear style is a kind of hobby that just happens to align with her career. But she is just as excited about new technology emerging in the world of eye care. 


For Brenda, customer service is the most important aspect of her work, and though there are always going to be some challenging days, she’s determined that the job isn’t finished until everyone is happy. 


When this fashionista isn’t busy at the clinic, she enjoys downtime with her large, loving family, filled with 12 grandkids. 


FYidoctors Arthur is accepting new patients! They are open five days a week, with evening appointments available. No time to come back to the clinic to pick up your prescription? No problem, the team can mail products directly to patients’ homes. 

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