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Employee Spotlight: Bev McKay

Posted on January 23rd, 2018

Bev McKay is an FYidoctors Practice Coach based at the Atrium on 1st location in Saskatoon. Her role involves coaching staff on processes, programs, and product. Today, we sit down with Bev to get her perspective on why healthy vision is an essential part of a quality lifestyle, and learn a little more about her, too.


What’s your current role at FYidoctors?

My role is to coach our employees, support them in their personal development, and perform human resources management, as well as general management and leading our team by serving and sharing.


What makes your clinic a unique place to work?

We have both a small and large clinic and the unique opportunity to experience working in both environments.


What made you want to work in eye care?

I started in contact lens manufacturing and wanted to work in health care, so assisting in eye care seemed to be a natural fit.


What do you love most about your job?

I love helping others and sharing in our team’s success.


What’s one of the most challenging parts of your job?

It is challenging to not always be prepared for change.


What’s one of your favourite moments from working at the clinic?

One of my favourite moments was when a patient inserted her custom contact lenses and was brought to tears of joy because she was able to see clearly for the first time since she was a young child.


Where do you see the future of eye care going?

I see highly advanced technology and extreme automation in the future.


What is the most important advice you want to give your patients?

The most important advice for our patients is that healthy vision is an essential part of a quality lifestyle.


What's your personal eyewear style?

My eyewear style tends to change with the times. I like to wear what's current.


Where would we find you when you’re not at FYidoctors?

These days I may be hanging out with family, listening to music, satisfying my thirst for knowledge, or enjoying solitude in nature.


Do you have a special memory you’d like to share?

I have many fond memories and I have had the good fortune of working with many brilliant people over the years!


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