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Location Spotlight: Alliance Vision Clinic (Moncton, NB)

Posted on April 9th, 2015
Each month, FYidoctors features one of our over 100 locations across Canada. Come and meet the people and places that make FYidoctors so unique.

Founded over 20 years ago in picturesque Moncton, New Brunswick, Alliance Vision Clinic is a partner of FYidoctors, with additional locations in the towns of Dieppe, Petitcodiac, Amherst and Springhill.

Clinic Managers Krystal Hamm and Sherry Barnett give us an inside look at this growing, community-oriented eye care practice. 

What’s the culture like at Alliance Vision Clinic?

Sherry: Our culture is all about caring. We’re doing this for a reason. We care a lot about our patients and want them to have a quality eye care experience each time they come to see us. That’s the focus. That’s what we have to put forward every time. We’re always asking ourselves, “How can we make this experience better than before and help get our patients get what they need?” That’s really the core of our culture at Alliance Vision Clinic. 

What approach do you take to helping patients?

Krystal: One of the first things we do is make patients feel recognized. It’s important because it makes them feel valued and shows that we care. We pride ourselves on greeting each patient that walks into our clinic by name. We like to make them feel special and acknowledged and hope it makes their experience that much better.

Sherry: Moncton is a big city but has a small town feel. It’s one big community where you run into people you know all day long. We’re always running into patients. It’s a small world. You make relationships. You bond with your patients. Everyone in the waiting room knows everyone. When you come into our office, it’s like going to visit friends. 

What kinds of technology do you offer your patients?

Sherry: We regularly use the i.Terminal to take precise measurements of our patients' faces when fitting them for glasses. Every face is different so it’s something our patients get really excited about once they realize how accurate the measurements are and how the technology works. They get to see the photo and the measurements on screen at the same time. The patients are just amazed. We don’t just tell patients the results from their exams, we show them the process.

How involved is Alliance Vision Clinic in the community?

Krystal: We do a lot of different things within our community. Most recently, we partnered with local elementary schools as part of an initiative called “Salem Reads” where one member from our team went to the schools to read books to the children. She loved it of course, and it allowed us to introduce our Better Sight. Better Grades. program where underprivileged students are identified by their school, either because they currently wear glasses and may need a new pair or because they have met certain diagnostic cues that we have provided them with. We’ve also entered a team in The Run for the Cure and have previously participated in a Battle of the Brains with the YMCA to raise money for local outreach programs.

What kind of expertise does your staff bring?

Sherry: Our staff brings a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to their jobs and we’re also doing a lot of cross-training right now. That means teaching our staff how to handle various patient needs along with the different types of technology we use. 

What do you love best about working at Alliance Vision Clinic?

Sherry: We have a lot of fun here. We’ve even had patients comment about the great culture and often ask me “What are you feeding them?” because all of our staff are having a great time and really love what they do. Everyone gets along and enjoys working together. It’s really just a great place to work. 

What's been your favourite moment working at Alliance Vision Clinic?

Krystal: I remember one little girl who had a very high prescription and had never had glasses before. She came in and we fit her with glasses. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was like she was seeing things for the first time. Her mother called us after and said on the drive home the little girl had pointed out the window and said “Look! Look! There are cows in the field!” They had driven down that road hundreds of times and she was never able to see the cows before. I thought, “Wow, we can really make a difference in people’s lives.”

Sherry: I don’t really have just one favorite moment. My favorite thing is really the emotion we have here. When I feel the clinic is moving and things are happening and you hear the patients interacting and people are laughing, everything just seems to fit together. Those are the moments I enjoy at the clinic. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

To learn more about Alliance Vision Clinic, visit their location page.