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5 Eyewear Fashion Brands to Follow on Instagram

Posted on November 16th, 2016

Whether it's time to upgrade to a new prescription or if you're simply looking for a new set of glasses to spice up your wardrobe, one of the best places to start your search is – where else? - Instagram.

Below are our top five picks for eyewear fashion accounts that can help you get inspired or find the latest trends to accentuate your wardrobe and personal style.

Maui Jim

Best known for their sunglasses, Maui Jim features a wide range of the latest designs and throws stunning tropical-themed photography into the mix. It's the perfect way to get a taste of the beach and pick up a few ideas for new sunglasses while scrolling through your Instagram feed.



If you're looking for something a little more sporty when it comes to fashion, then Oakley is your best bet. Whether they're showcasing their latest line of snowboarding goggles or offering sleek and stylish prescription eyewear, Oakley's Instagram account is full of great ideas and hot new fashion.


Tom Ford Eyewear

Featuring the latest frames and apparel from one of fashion's most iconic designers, Tom Ford's Instagram feed offers a ton of inspiration—whether you're looking for something casual or hoping to make a sexy and sophisticated statement. For bonus points, the feed also features a ton of celebrities rocking the latest Tom Ford outfits and designs.


Vogue Eyewear

Not to be confused with the popular magazine, Vogue Eyewear features a huge range of designer eyewear and sunglasses for women. With a Pinterest-style approach to their content, you'll find a ton of great inspiration fashion photos, plus they have regular shout outs and promotions for their fans, offering the perfect way to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and pick up some hot new frames at the same time.


Oliver Peoples

Combining celebrity sex appeal with the latest eyewear design trends, Oliver Peoples is killing it on Instagram. Their account has a huge following, beautiful photography and great ideas for ways to blend the world of haute couture and designer eyewear.


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