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#FYiCares Guest Blogger: Christina Loewen

Posted on August 28th, 2018

As part of our FYidoctors Decade of Care celebration, a series of guest bloggers will be featured on our pages to talk about their thoughts and personal experiences at our clinics, including the comprehensive eye exam process and the frame and style selection we carry. This #FYiCares series will highlight the unique lifestyles and perspectives of these bloggers from across the country.


Taking my girls in for a comprehensive eye exam never occurred to me until someone mentioned it to me. “An eye exam? Was that something they really needed this young? They don’t appear to have any issues.”, were just some of the thoughts that ran through my mind. After much research on the subject I came to the conclusion that a comprehensive eye exam for them was necessary. I take them to get their overall health checked frequently so why wouldn’t I get their eye health examined?

Comprehensive eye exams are important to insure your child’s eyes are developing properly and are healthy. For children, most learning is visual and it’s important to make sure they are set up for success. It’s important to make sure that they are meeting all of their visual milestones as they grow and a comprehensive eye exam is the only way to ensure that.

So now that we know eye exams are essential for kids, you may be asking yourself: but when am I supposed to take them in? I knew that my toddler would need one but figured my 8 month old was still way too young to have an exam. It turns out that it is recommended to start at 6 months old! When examining infants, they can check for proper development, that the eyes are working well together, and that they are free of health conditions that would need treatment immediately. For toddlers, it is recommended to have their exam between 2 and 5 years of age and then annually thereafter to ensure healthy development. It’s best to catch and treat and eye disorders early on in your child’s life.

The place to go: FYidoctors. When FYidoctors contacted me and asked if we wanted to come check out their clinic and have our eyes examined I was so excited because they are well known and have a great reputation. Their offices offer complete comprehensive eye exams as well as a huge selection of designer frames and custom lenses. They use advanced technology and have access to one of the top lens laboratories in the country. I knew that my daughters’ eyes would be in good hands.

I booked appointments for both girls and myself as I was long overdue for an exam. I was nervous about the exams because neither one of my children will sit still and I thought they would be too crazy to be able to check. I pictured myself trying to wrestle my toddler into the office using every bribe I could think of while holding a screaming baby which is how all of our appointments typically go. Needless to say, I was worried we would be super disruptive.

We did my exam first to allow Scarlett to watch and show her that there was nothing to worry about. Over the past few years, my eyesight has been getting worse so it was such a relief to confirm my eyesight issues and get a prescription for it. He set me up with my new prescription and assured me that my eyesight would soon be fantastic! Hooray! End of summer road trips here I come!

When I asked Scarlett to sit in the chair for her exam she was very nervous but, to our delight, our doctor was patient, kind, and fun so she warmed up to him in no time. He made her exam painless and she had a blast naming the various shapes, letters, etc. She still talks about how much fun she had!

Next up; my 8 month old, Georgia the fusser. He did a variety of tests with her that were quick and painless. He was patient with her when she wouldn’t look in the right direction and Georgia was not upset at all by the exam. We all had some great laughs throughout our time there and the whole experience was awesome. Both girls’ exams went great and neither have any vision issues. It’s a huge relief knowing that their eye health and development is where it should be.

Another reason why I love FYidoctors is for their awesome frame selection. They carry a huge selection of glasses and sunglasses for both adults and kids. I didn’t want to spend time going from place to place in search of a stylish pair of glasses after I got my prescription so Fyidoctors was perfect for me. I was able to look around right after our exams and found a gorgeous pair of glasses.

Neither of the girls needed glasses but they had the most adorable children’s sunglasses collection I’d ever seen. Since Georgia didn’t have sunglasses yet and Scarlett’s aren’t actually good for UV protection, I decided it was time to get them some good sunglasses. Now their little eyes will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Our experience at FYidoctors was so great, we decided to continue to come back to them each year. It wasn’t just a successful appointment but an overall great experience. You could really tell that they truly care about their patients. I highly recommend them to anyone and if you’re local to the Okanagan, Dr. Sean Laycock at FYidoctors is who you want to go to for your whole fam!

xo Christina.






To learn more about Christina’s adventures with Scarlett and Georgia, visit her blog.

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