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Get Fit in Full Clarity

Posted on January 9th, 2017

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The New Year signifies the drive toward new goals and personal achievements. This year, you’re embracing daily flossing, sleeping at least eight hours at night, and removing your makeup before going to bed. This, of course, is on top of your commitment to getting in shape or adjusting your fitness regimen. Shaking off the dust accumulated on your sneakers, and disguising your shock upon realizing your gym has been completely remodeled since you last waltzed through the doors, are the least of your worries. You’re eager to work out, but your corrective eyewear is giving you cause to hesitate. The last thing you want are your frames flying off while you’re in the middle of your first aerobics class of 2017. So, how do people typically manage wearing glasses at the gym? Let’s discuss some common problems and solutions.


Problem 1: The slip and slide

During a workout, having your glasses slide down your glistening nose is one of the most common complaints raised by those who wear glasses. Whilst working up a sweat, the added moisture on your face and nose can cause your glasses to lose grip. This can be distracting and downright annoying when attempting to focus on the exercise at hand.

Solution: While the obvious solution may be to forego wearing glasses while working out, laser eye surgery or getting fit for contact lenses won’t solve your problem in time for tonight’s spin class. Instead, consider whether you can take off your glasses for periods of time when you know you’ll be completing repetitive motions. This will depend on the level of your prescription, so use common sense when considering this solution. Another possible option for those who partake in group fitness classes and suffer from myopia is to select a spot in the room that is in closer proximity to the instructor, and therefore provides a clearer view. You might also decide to participate in activities that don’t require constant visual attention, such as running on a treadmill, rowing, or other cardio machines. This can help reduce the need to wear your glasses at all times.

Added Tip: Prior to your workout, consider having an optician refit your frames if they are continually sliding off your nose during a workout. Nose pads can potentially be installed on your frames to better grip your nose, or the temples can be adjusted behind your ears to reduce the amount of movement during wear.


Problem 2: All the sweat and glare

During periods of high-intensity activity, you may encounter problems with smudged lenses or issues with glare.

Solution: Wear a moisture wicking sweat band to keep sweat from dripping onto your face and hands, the latter easily transfers perspiration. If possible, periodically turn fans on in the area you are working out in, in order to keep you cool and the sweat to a minimum.

Glare from fluorescent lights commonly found in gyms can be distracting. Lenses with an anti-reflective coating eliminate glare caused by light reflection.


Problem 3: Your day-to-day frames aren’t sport friendly

Even after your eyewear is adjusted to fit your face, it may come down to the fact that your frames are just not suitable for high-intensity exercises. Heavy, oversized fashion eyewear that makes you stand out at the office isn’t a sensible option at the gym.

Solution: Opt for functionality over looks. Get your hands on a pair of lightweight specialty sport frames that are designed for use by athletes, and are optimized for performance during levels of high activity.

Consider using a sport band strap that keeps eyewear secure for the days you know you’ll be hitting it hard at the gym or during team sports. Another option is to use eyeglass retainers, which are rubber extenders worn on the temples of your frames behind your ears that prevent glasses from slipping without the use of a strap.


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