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Halloween Safety and Eye Care: What You Need to Know

Posted on December 1st, 2016

The pumpkins are carved, the house looks spooky, and there’s a big bowl full of candy bars next to the front door, which means it’s Halloween! If you or your kids plan on dressing up, take a look at this list of Halloween safety tips and make sure a fun night in costume doesn’t become a scary one for the wrong reasons.


Maintain Sightlines

With hijinks afoot on Halloween night and plenty of small children around, clear vision becomes so much more important. Costumes that restrict peripheral vision or obstruct forward vision, such as masks or large hoods, can become a hazard when it gets dark outside. This means tripping, running into objects, or stepping out into traffic becomes more problematic. Face paint or makeup are good alternatives to consider to ensure vision is unobstructed for a safer Halloween. On that note…


Use Makeup with Care

Allergies to ingredients in costume makeup can cause a truly frightening scene, and Halloween night isn’t the ideal time to discover that you or your children have allergies or sensitivities. Just like cosmetics, quality makeup isn’t cheap and cheap makeup isn’t necessarily quality. The ideal Halloween makeup shouldn’t run or bleed with perspiration, should be hypoallergenic, and should never be applied on or around your child’s eyes, namely their eyelids and lash line. Common harmful ingredients to be aware of include heavy metals, parabens, formaldehydes, and added dyes. In any event, carrying tissues or wet-naps will make sure any messy situations are taken care of.


Avoid Sharp Objects

What’s a knight without a sword, or a fairy without a wand? Many costumes need a prop to complete the look, and sometimes, these items can be incredibly sharp. Your children could fall and cut themselves or hurt their eyes, or use the prop on other children. If your child is older, be cautious when selecting the perfect prop and make sure they understand how to carry it safely before Halloween night. If they’re younger, you may want to replace these items with homemade versions created from cardboard, tin foil, or craft foam. There is always a possibility your child’s costume could cause a trip or fall, and added props increase the chance of injury.


DO NOT Wear Decorative Contact Lenses

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, “Decorative lenses from unlicensed manufacturers may be made from inferior materials or may contain toxic dyes. Without proper training, people may not use proper hygiene in inserting, cleaning, or removing the lenses. The result can be eye infections which in some cases may even lead to vision loss.” Now that’s scary. If you choose to wear Halloween-themed contacts, make sure to obtain them from a licensed eye care professional who will walk you through proper use and safety instructions.


Stay Visible

Staying visible is a very important part of Halloween safety. With increased vehicle traffic on the roads, as well as increased pedestrian traffic, there is an elevated need to be cautious. Ensure drivers can see you and your children by taking measures to increase visibility. One precaution is to always carry a flashlight, and provide your child with a small one as well. This will light the way, reveal neighbourhood tripping hazards and increase visibility to cars. Another way to remain visible is to apply reflective strips to your child’s costume. This will make sure they’re seen, even in the pitch dark, spooky night.


With a little precaution, everyone can have a fun night by following these Halloween safety tips! To learn more about the steps you can take to protect your eyes on Halloween, visit an FYidoctors clinic near you.