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The Benefits of Incorporating the Optomap Retinal Scanner Into Your Eye Exam

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Many ocular diseases can be detected by an optometrist before a patient notices any symptoms, which is why making regular eye exam appointments is central to maintaining your eye health. A few optometry centers in Canada, including all of FYidoctors primary locations, now employ innovative diagnostic instruments that allows for better vision analysis and earlier vision correction diagnosis. The Optomap Retinal Scanner offers optometrists one of the most advanced means to evaluate retinal health and determine if injury or disease is present.

Optomap Retinal Scanner Procedure

The Optomap Retinal Scanner provides a comprehensive digital image of a patient’s eye. In the past, optometrists could examine perhaps 30 degrees of an individual’s retina; however, the Optomap affords eye care professionals the opportunity to analyze up to 200 degrees of the same eye structure with a highly defined and magnified scanned image. The procedure can be done as part of an individual’s normal outpatient eye exam and may not necessitate eye dilation.

Optomap Retinal Scanner Results

Because optometrists can view an enlarged area of the retina, they can more easily identify many eye diseases that may go unnoticed with a conventional eye exam. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetes are all potentially vision-threatening disorders that can be detected at an earlier stage with the Optomap Retinal Scanner.

Optomap Retinal Scanner Benefits

With early detection comes more effective vision correction treatment. Currently, diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes have no cure. Once damage has been done to the eye structure from these disorders, it cannot be reversed. This is why early diagnosis is crucial to maintaining a person’s eyesight. Many optometry centers offer disease management services that can slow down and help minimize the effects of the eye condition. Therefore, it becomes even more vital that individuals schedule regular optometry checkups for their continued eyesight health.

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